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Heavy Weapons loadout screen is glitching out


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The stats of my Fluctus kept multiplying when i switched previewing HW loadout and AW loadout 

Mods inserted into the weapon sometimes don't save and get wiped or the elements don't merg properly or weapon displays different elemental damage types than it actually does.

Plus there are some weird graphical glitches from time to time:



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This is still not fixed also i discovered what exactly is causing this.

Its because of the A B C slots mismatch. They conflict with each other.

For example:

If my Archwing Gun slot has currently active loadout B that contains Corrosive + Heat

Yet my Heavy Weapons slot contains same gun but with loadout A that contains Radiation + Cold

That causes the HW slot version to do display a lot better stats that were originally intended for the land version as for some reason it does Viral now despite no toxic mod installed.

Same thing with colors the HW slot only shows colors from A loadout of your Gun from AW slot 

I havent tried using different gun for AW slot and different one for HW slot cause i only had one Gravimag from the bounty.

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I noticed this today - even if you use the same mods, elemental +damage seems to be added from the AW loadout ontop of the Atmo loadout, allowing double depth bonuses to the weapon and extra elemental combinations as well.

I'm not positively sure  about which other other mod bonuses, but there are definetely some other strange effects from the looks of it, IE Ammo Chain ( +100% ammo stock ) looks like it's affecting my regular primary weapons as well even without summoning the Atmo weapon. Some primaries also seem to have gained the 2x ammo from the Atmo weapons buff a days or so ago as well. Granted, it's nice having 1600ish rounds in a Baza, but it's a bug I think. :)

I'll be trying using a different wep with different mods in it for AW mode, and then seeing how that affects the Atmo slot and regular primaries as well.

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