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Legacy Color Palette intolerable bug


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Basically everytime i choose to use legacy color palette and go do a mission, visit a relay or log off, EVERY single sigil on any of my warframes is set to max brightness, in a streched, large and lying position. That is just unbearable sometimes seeing that fashion frame is one of the core parts of the game and i spend a lot of time making sure that everything is just right on my warframes, i know that not many people use this feature but when i need to open the menu, change to legacy, test colors to see if i like it, change back to normal AND the game messes with my 35+ properly fashioned frames, it gets anoying really fast, would be amazing to see this getting fixed + being able to change to legacy while in the color palette menu in the future.

Link to imgur album showing that the position on the sigils is the same everytime: https://imgur.com/a/O9WIney

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