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Snowday Showdown


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I'll have to start by saying that i didn't play Warframe for most of 2017 (had to take a break soon after the release of Octavia) and half of 2018 (came back around the time of Tennocon).
But in Xmas 2016 Snowday Showdown was the thing that made me play PVP (which was populated for a long time after the alert, now it's impossible to find a squad), and to be honest it was the best version of Warframe PVP, because the weapon restrictions balanced it completely, making it mostly about skill. I was really anticipating that, and it's kind of disappointing not to see it up.

Was it discontinued? If so i find it a mistake, since it's definitely a good way to shine a spotlight in the game's PvP, which sorely needs some better acknowledgement (and proper dedicated servers i'm afraid).

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