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WIP Fortuna Mem Fragment Map 23/35, Help Needed Finishing It!


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Hello, like the title says, I've been working on a map of all the new scannable fragments in that were added in Fortuna Part 2. Here's the map in question, red cave icons are caves with fragments in them (usually near where Toroids spawn), red stars are everything else. Scanners really help with finding them, and I've found the exterior ones are usually near peaks, structures or just interesting objects/places.

Thanks to Golden # ErrOr 404 on Steam, who made the map I'm using, /u/vkremennaya and /u/Milkyway_Murder on Reddit for helping find more.

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I've not used the forums before so I didn't really know where to put this 😛 But definitely, I've got labels for all the fragments, and screenshots of them, so I plan to make a proper post detailing all of it. Currently at 29/35, I'll link the updated map soon.

1 hour ago, Zardica said:

I don't really have a reddit account, but I found another mem fragment, that's not currently on the list.

I was just checking some interesting points on the map and found it thanks to my scanner.

Wow, that is some "#*!% you" placement. That takes us up to 30/35! Thanks!

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49 minutes ago, Esserlon said:

Link is broke 😞


23 minutes ago, bjpigu said:

can't see


20 minutes ago, Chimiasai said:

Same here, access to imgur refused.


Should be working. It works for other people. Must be the forums or something. Try manually entering it.

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3 hours ago, Esserlon said:

Working now thank you, I've only got a few left but the big cave is killing me T_T 

People over on Reddit have helped finish it off, I'm working on prettying up the map and making an album of screenshots to go with it. Will post it here when done.

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