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Baruuk is Incredible just low damage.


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I spent 7 hours leveling and experimenting with Baruuk. In regular missions, orb vallis and even a profit taker fight (more testing needed with that last one, it went poorly.) 

Baruuk has an extremely high energy pool and he very much needs it. Not that his abilities cost much, more that he needs to be using his full kit and boy does it feel good.

Elude- Baruuks 1 is a well balanced and vital ability to his kit. The drain is negligible at base if you have flow or primed flow. It's drain is duration based so MOD for that. If you're mobile, you should be picking up energy no problem to get back what it drains and the damage negation really makes up for his low health. The angle of projectile immunity also increases based on range.

Lull- Slow down enemy animations then put them to sleep. You want range for this and to cast it in front of oncoming adds.

Edit: so far I haven't found a way to speed up the time it takes to sleep enemies but if you start the cast before enemies are within melee range they are usually asleep before they can do any damage to you. 

Desolate Hands- As a Loki main, this one is my favorite. It's auto disarm knives! Number of knives that rotate around you is based on strength. Target acquisition is reliable and based on range. Allies within range are given knives that orbit them when they get within range, protecting them. The knives fly at any within range that has a gun, disarming them and doing a small amount of damage. You can refill your knife pool at any time and don't need to wait for them to run out. 

Keep in mind that disarming enemies, putting them to sleep and dodging projectiles will all decrease Baruuks restraint, allowing him to use his exalted weapon. 

Serene Storm- So this is the ability I think needs a tweak the most. The exalted fists can only be used when the restraint meter (which starts full for clarity) is drained. Serene Storm does not use energy but refills the restraint meter instead. It forces rag doll and does a fair amount of damage per hit. The combos and animations feel fun and the sound design really shines here. High critical chance but no status worth modding for. This power runs into some trouble in higher levels of enemies. The triangle projectile animations (that are cool as hell) make it feel like it should be used for crowd control but it's range is actually not as far as the triangles go. The damage it does needs a buff or it needs to be increased based on how low his restraint is at the time of casting.

Edit: I put some false information here previously that I had misunderstood. His restraint can't be lowered while serene storm is active but  it can be canceled without refilling the whole meter.

EDIT: As it turns out you can absolutely continue to lose restraint while serene storm is active and, if you use his abilities continuously and effectively, keep serene storm up indefinitely. 

Baruuk comes with 2 D (Vazarin) polarities. I'm using steel fiber and adaptation. If you don't have adaptation I'd recommend Vitality or Vigor Quick Thinking. In the 7 hours I played him, I went down a total of 4 times. 3 of those times were during the profit taker fight. If you're going down a lot as Baruuk, then you aren't using his abilities. He has a lot of armor and his whole kit helps him avoid damage. The only tweak I can recommend is a better damage scale for Serene Storm.  

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Higher damage won’t solve the problem of serene storm.

Let’s look at Garuda. In order for her to kill the lvl 120 heavy gunners her blood orb needs around 200k-250k damage storied in it. Now that’s a lot of damage, the problem is since it’s impact damage it doesn’t even deal 25% of the gunners health. You need your seeking talons to add slash procs scales off that 200k to ignore the armor and actually deal proper damage.

They could bump Serene Storms damage up to 400-500k and it still wouldn’t  deal enough damage to kill higher levels. Why? Because it’s an impact based Crit weapon with next to no status chance. It can deal out high damage, but that damage means nothing if you have no way of debuffing or bypassing that armor.

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1 hour ago, Nollandross said:

I spent 7 hours leveling and experimenting with Baruuk. In regular missions, orb vallis and even a profit taker fight (more testing needed with that last one, it went poorly.) 

Baruuk has an extremely high energy pool and he very much needs it. Not that his abilities cost much, more that he needs to be using his full kit and boy does it feel good...........

I've played him for about 4 hours and all of what you stated is accurate! His kit is really good! But as you stated he does need some fine tuning! Particularly were the constant ragdolling of enemies from using his #4 making me have to chase them all over the map to finally kill them... particularly mini-bosses such as Nox etc. His damage is good as is, but I feel it can us a little bit of a boost.... doesn't really need much, but for instance, enemies on endless Kuva Survival past 30 mins start to make his #4 feel pretty weak. It is fun to blast enemies off the map though!! I can do that all day long!! 😃

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I really disagree with his kit being good, his survivability is incredibly bad at MOT and higher. He does not take many hits at all. Really lame kit overall his 2 is ok, but takes too long to put enemies to sleep and is just a downgraded Rest. Desolate hands is #*!%ing awful yeah you get damage reduction but that all goes when the knives go, and the knives do #*!%ing nothing. Serene storm is doomed due to the fact it's impact and has horrendous status. The fact is costs restraint is ridiculous, you spend all that time building damage reduction with Elude to just waste it with Serene Storm, which isn't even worth it. If both abilities were good it would be okay to choose between either, but at the moment Elude+Restraints damage reduction is just nothing compared to other frames like Mesa, whilst Serene Storm leaves you vulnerable and with horrendous damage output.

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I think they should tweak the status chance to make it more powerful in high lvls, im having serious problems with armored targets post lvl 80, also, bumping up the dmg reduction could help him survive in high lvl missions, Im struggling to make him work efficiently in mot, tried maxing different stats, going with multiple defensive mods, adding adaptation to the mix... but it isn't enough.

the best results in terms of tankyness  were with adaptation+ low range and some power strenght but building him that way consumes a lot of slots,ill keep testing, see if i can make him work.

Desert wind feels way weaker than exalted blade, its way funnier and more interactive though, specially the combos and animations, but i cant stop thinking he needs some tweaks and buffs, specially to his numbers.

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(just to mention: yes....i have played Baruuk in a range of mission types and ofc longer than average survivals on MOT (long enough to say i've faced higher level enemies) )
(i'm just going to be objective here and not base it off of veteran type of gameplay NOR gear my opinion to cater to newer players)

So for my thoughts I think that Baruuk's kit is pretty good but requires some tweaks.

first ability: i don't have/can't think of anything wrong with it.
with 200% range i find it to be nice and allows me to chill and no-kill while i set up for his second ability sleep bomb and do damage there. it feels balanced since i;m trading not damaging enemies for completely invulnerability to projectiles (BUT NOT SPLASH DAMAGE CURSE YOU SPLASH DAMAGE I HATE IT XD) 


second ability: VERY SMALL SUGGESTION -> I would LOVE if i could get some numbers on how long it takes for enemies to fall asleep. i was thinking of trying and build for a faster fall-asleep method but it seems like they fall asleep i the same amount of time regardless of modding. If it's not modifiable Maybe it would be nice if it could for the stronger crowd control capabilities

it's ok. It's basically trying to do things from a number of different warframes and honestly it works out for the most part.


third ability: so just like BCOOPS22 said earlier it needs a fix. the buff leaves when the swords leave but the swords leave my Baruuk body in like 2.6 seconds to go disarm enemies and they do the same thing when on allies too.

the only thing (IN MY OPINION) this skill needs is:
      1. apply the damage mitigation buff for a modifiable duration (for this example imma say 20 seconds). First it applies it to me for 20 seconds then as the swords reach other allies a timer will start the 20 seconds on them.
     2. then the swords can do whatever they want as usual but the buff will stay for the duration until refreshed by me

     3. when i refresh it, the time will of course renew for me but allies need to wait for one of those new set of swords to reach them for their duration to renew.

fourth ability: impact forever omega lul. but everything is so beautiful on this skill.....

but in all seriousness impact is so bad....... it ragdolls enemies and i have to be very careful using the skill so i don't misplace a parasitic enemy or an energy leech.
it would be great if the triangles dealt slash damage but if we are avoiding that then if you could make the base status chance higher (we all want that sweet 100% status chance after mods) we could try to work around the impact with some corrosive procs or viral or something.


Again these are just my thoughts. Baruuk is fun and using all his abilities is definitely a nice feeling but with the tweaks mentioned above (and probably more as comments pour through this thread) he'll be even better. Thanks for reading all this guys 🙂

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His 1 seems fine.

For his 2 (Lull) i noticed that it seems to need LoS and has only minimal altitude (which could also be coincidence with the LoS). Would like to have that limitation removed, so you could actually sleep them from behind a door e.g.

Also think  that his 3 should apply another buff for the damage reduction, so you have some kind of damage reduction when you don't have your 1 active (either not active at all, or after attacking something, which could happen when you try to kill stuff you lulled but from far away new enemies shooting at you)
As those disarming knives run out way to fast.

For his 4. Well looks nice, but that's it.

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