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Odd Sigil glitch


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Hai, first thread I've ever done but this was something that caught my eye and I am unsure if anyone else has seen this before. It's nothing game-breaking or lasting. But when in Navigation, I was swapping off Octavia to Nyx Prime. Octavia has a sigil, Nyx Prime does not. (Sorry for the drop in quality, had to resize because it turned out to be big even when trimmed)

Here is Octavia. (Nothing special, I know.~)


I swap to Nyx Prime...and this happens...



Obviously if I leave Navigation, nothing permanent is done.



Just wondered if anyone has experienced similar, and while it isn't game-breaking or doing any real harm other than a graphical glitch...it does catch my eye. And Nyx Prime is the only one I've seen this happen with just today. Is this rare? Is it just me?

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