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Solaris United standing disappears by exceeding the limit with capturing animals.


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So as the title already says, I lost quite a bit of standing (daily standing gets lowered but no standing gets added) by exceeding the standing limit with Solaris United.

What exactly did I do?

  • I captured almost exclusively Sawgaws on Orb Vallis
  • I did not do any bounties in that mission
  • I used Loki

Here is a screenshot while I am inside Orb Vallis:


As you can see I collected over 20k standing for Solaris United and exceeded the Standing cap for the "Doer" rank by 8k+ (Doer is capped at 70k)

This is what it looked like after I returned to Fortuna:


As you can see those are the exact same numbers just at 58k standing. So the standing clearly didn't get added.

This screenshot only shows that my daily standing, in fact, did get reduced:



You can watch the video of my finding if you want to here:


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Just before starting mission, screenshot of your profile, syndicate? Was your Solaris Standing at 38092 when starting this mission?

After complete any step of bounty, some or most rewards and standings is saved. Saved standings can be viewed in "Show Profile". I guess capturing also save some standings into the profile.

This also happen to Ventkids and Cephalon Simaris standings.

0:01: Ventkids: =====79500, Cephalon Simaris: =====117030

4:22: Ventkids: +110 =79610 Cephalon Simaris +1191 =118221

4:26: Ventkids: +110 =79720 Cephalon Simaris +2382 =120603 after bounty step complete. Wrong.

5:34: Ventkids: +110 =79720 Cephalon Simaris +2382 =120603 Wrong.

5:36: Ventkids: +110 =79610 Cephalon Simaris +2382 =119412 after returned to Fortuna. This is now correct.


How did my Cephalon Simaris double? There is a 2 month old bug that only happens to Cephalon Simaris standing.

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