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Fortuna: Mesa Prime - Hotfix 24.2.3

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In a nutshell:


You know I for once is happy that killing Profit takers is completely pointless and there's no rewards because this fight is the worst in the history of gaming. It literally took THE WORTS that game design has to offer - KNOCKDOWNS, KNOCKDOWNS AND SOME MORE KNOCKDOWNS for you, bullet sponge mobs, one hit kills for anything that has no adaptation of 8000 hp, invulrn phases, stupida** waiting games, reliability on your teammates and relying on a WEAPON cooldown with already limited ammo pool. And this degenerosity was in development for more than a year? That is what we suppose to do for anothуr year?

Whoever designed it must really hate humanity. This



deserves a special place in hell alone.

Good god I hope Anthem will actually sell well, because I can't take this anymore.


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