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The Colors keep resetting.


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Title, basicaly the colors from the "Infested" and the "Twilight" palettes keep dissapearing from my frame and are replaced by the default ones, goes back to purple after i play a mission. The glyph regalia also freaks out for some reason.
Before the bug...

After the bug...

P.S.:The colors also dissapear from the Favorties tab when you are customizing your frame.

P.P.S.:Only affects frames and weapons!

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1 hour ago, Xaelroa said:

This is also a problem that occurs with any color chosen and favorited with the "legacy color palettes" option enabled. Has been happening since chimera prologue update. DE hasn't fixed it or acknowledged that it's a problem.

Suppose i shouldn't wait for a fix then? DARN IT.

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