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23.5.0 Mask of the Revenant - Hotfix 3


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Mask of the Revenant: Public Hotfix 3

Welcome to Hotfix 3! The main goals of this Hotfix are to fix Controller deadzone issues and help with performance and crashes. We are working away on 'Fortuna' for the next major Nintendo Switch release!


  • Volumetric Lighting can now be toggled on the Switch for better performance!
  • Motion Controls can now be used on the loading screen to fly your Landing Craft!
  • Motion Controls can now be used in 'Decorate' mode!
  • Added in a re-center option when using motion controls. Not bound by default.
  • Improved load times when going from Cetus to the Plains and back again


  • Fixed an issue with Ambient Occlusion not being properly grayed out and remaining toggelable when playing undocked
  • Fixed crashes in Cetus and the Plains of Eidolon when playing in Chinese and other non-English languages.
  • Fixed numerous crashes.
  • Fixed issues with audio of Titania's Razorwing and Excalibur's Exalted Blade.
  • Fixed an issue where motion controls would not be enabled when switching from docked to undocked gameplay
  • Fixed an issue where purchasing the Fluctus in the Market also rewarded a dev-only erroneous weapon.
  • Fixed the "Mask of the Revenant' Quest Key being unobtainable.

Controller Fixes:

We have improved controller responsiveness in a number of ways!

We increased controller responsivity in a number of ways:

One major issue addressed in this patch is the fixing of an issue where almost 50% controller input was required before a hip-fire camera manipulation could be executed. We’ve decreased coded deadzones to allow for more refined, precise aiming and removed the inherited velocity when shifting directions. Players should now notice an immediate falloff in camera movement once input is no longer applied to the control sticks.

Additionally, we have added a number of mathematical improvements regarding the ramp and acceleration curves used to interpolate control stick input. This should make the camera manipulations feel much smoother and allow for a closer approximation of circular movement, compared to the very ‘square’ like motions we had previously.

We’ve also increased the amount of vertical movement seen when manipulating the control stick to reduce the amount of asymmetry between it and horizontal movement. There is still a bias towards the horizontal plane, but moving the camera up/down should not feel so drastically different when now compared to left/right movement.

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Interesting glitch I see already, on Nezha the Galaxy ring is using standard colors not your frames color.

Edit: also not showing color preview on helmet until it is applied, atleast on Nezha with an alt helmet, will test abit more later.

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Got the red hotfix notification in-game. Awesome update! 😄

Edit: The hotfix messed up Warframes color schemes. All my Warframes have both default and custom colors. For example my Loki has the custom colors I've chosen on top but the legs have the default color scheme. Hope this gets fixed soon.

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26 minutes ago, (NSW)Cisco_The_Reaper said:

Is there going to be a fix for USB headsets before fortuna comes out?  I can still hear people, but they can't hear me. Not sure if y'all fixed it. Just didn't see it in the hotfix notes.

I don't think that's them I think it's just the Switch not supporting Headsets that doesn't go through their app. But I could be wrong

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I play with the Switch Pro Controller and the gyro motion controls issue has still not been fixed.  The overall sensitivity of the motion controls is much lower with the Pro Controller vs using the Joycons and still not very responsive when set to 100% in the menu.  Not sure if QA does a lot of testing with this controller or not but I would imagine a lot of your users prefer this controller like I do. Thanks in advance and I appreciate all the other awesome updates so far!

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