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"can't Upgrade Mod" Solution (And Shout-Out To Support)


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Once again, the WF Support Team shines.  Way to go people (and thanks, Matt)!


I was trying to upgrade a mod on the new Strun Wraith.  The recent hotfix allows you to now equip the same mod on multiple weapons (which is WAY cool, BTW).  But one of the (few) drawbacks of this is that if you have the same mod equipped on two (or more) weapons, you can't upgrade that mod higher on one weapon that you have energy "space" for on any of the other weapons it's also equipped on.


Example: I have Point Blank equipped on my Strun, and I also equipped that same partially leveled-up mod on my new Strun Wraith.  It's leveled to 4 out of 5 on my Strun, and I tried to level it all the way to 5 out of 5 on the Wraith.  I can't do that, because I don't have any more available energy left on my original Strun.  In order to level a Point Blank mod up to 5 on my Strun Wraith, I'll have to choose a separate Point Blank mod that either isn't currently equipped on a weapon, or else is equipped on a weapon that still has available energy to allow it to be leveled to 5 out of 5.  Make sense?


Damn, these Support folk are smart!

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