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4 [Warb] De_Steves Do The First Level With Headless Ember


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I just ended a mission with a host that had the worst connection I've played with (or server lag, not sure) and after the mission ended nothing updated, i.e. no credits gained displayed, not levels gained displayed. I logged out, it told me something about connection being lost as it logged out, and when I logged back in, I saw the most fabulous thing ever:




All my credits and levels were now properly displayed, along with my new Headless Ember Helmet (Adds a bonus to coolness with a reduction in HUD display).


After restarting Warframe the fabulous bugginess went away.

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The commonness of this is too damn high. But this is mainly just packets being blocked or stalled from the host to your computer, it could have something to do with the hosts connection but its more likely the packets being sent to you from the host is being stalled/blocked because of the location they're being sent to and from.

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