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There Is No New Discount On Warframe Money?


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I dont see in mounts a new discont to buy some cash to buy items... its to much expensive in this days..:( like 4 mouths behind i buy a lot money fot cheap and now.. nothing i think you guys need make new discounts or new price types since cool thinks are 300 + more 



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I buy platinum whenever I get a discount but have not for the life of me seen a login discount in weeks, = Sad Tri. But to be honest anymore discounts and DE would be losing money.

I know this sounds a bit off but I logged in for a 2 month streak and had not received any plat discount. Then after not logging in for about 3 days during my big move, I got slammed with a 50% discount. I've heard that you have a better chance of getting discounts with day 1-2 login rewards than with weekly.

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