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Cetus fishing-spears are all gone permanently after did a couple of Profit-taker bounty phase 1 runs.


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I started to playing Profit-taker bounties since update 24.2.1, and then after 24.2.3,  when I was checking the fish store for new captura scene in Cetus...I've found all my fishing-spears are all gone!! Checked 'hide already owned' box in the UI, both the new captura and all 3 spears listed. Then I rechecked my Inventory and Item list, all spears gone confirmed..

I had re-buyed those spears already, but not sure will they be gone again if I go to play tha Profit-taker bounties once more...

I think the bug might be from the bounty 1 (or called profit-taker phase 1) , at the stage 1/3, there is a 'pick up the spear near the dead quil' script? Hope this help, and hope this got fixed.



(BTW.. Those profit-taker bounty actors, around the table, are working too hard, you guys should give them a chance to have a rest a guess, its really torturing everyone to do the same show just EVERY. SINGLE.  TIME !) 

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