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Hitting the green orb of the profit to change its dmg resistence



I've read more than once this thing, could anyone there change it more than once in 1 second? Plus just hitting the profit in any place seems to work but it takes some time.

Just wanting to know if this is a meme just like using volt 1 through his shields for more dmg.

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The way the Profit-taker's damage immunity works is as follows:
• Immune to all damage other than the type indicated by the green hologram
• After taking a certain ammount of damage (capped) from that type it will change to another element.
• After taking void damage it will change to another element (max once every 10 seconds)
• After not taking damage for too long it will change to another element (don't have the exact time for this, but I think it's around 1 full minute)

I've seen nothing about damaging the green hologram to cause a change. Hope this helps.

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