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Since the last update to enemies spawn, they can now spawn on "mushroom trees" and get stuck on them


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The enemy ships can now drop the mobs on top of those huge mushroom-like tree thingys, but that mean they're very far from you and seem to freeze and wait for you to aggro them instead of rushing you. The video was recorded after a solo excavation in which I had to wait with no enemies on the ground for a few seconds because I hadn't realized that the other enemies weren't coming.

As you can see, once you go to them and aggro them, most randomly fall but the floating ones stay in place and don't do anything while the hyena managed to not fall but it may be only pure luck. An enemy planted a reinforcement beacon on top of the tree, which just shows that he wasn't doing anything until I got there at which point he just started to act normally.


It's another edge-case to add to the long list of random quirks of the spawning system, not as absurd as them spawning on top of water nor as annoying as them spawning very far but still, annoying none the less.

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