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Velocitus Atomospheric Mode is a DPS loss.


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Used it on a lot of enemies during the Orb heist missions including the Raknoids. Regardless of normal shots or charged shots my Rattleguts Kitgun kills at least 3x faster. On the Kyta raknoid I'll kill the enemy with my kitgun in the time it takes for the velocitus to get through its overshields.

For a time gated, ammo gated, research gated weapon the base damage needs to be increased by 5-10x before I'll consider using it again in a regular mission especially since the bonuses of the Arch-weapon mods are significantly lower than the equivalent primary/secondary mods and AFAIK no rivens exist for atmospheric arch-weapons so they fall even further behind.

I cant speak for the other arch weapons since getting resources for the Gravimag research have been near impossible until earlier today.

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