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Matchmaking sometimes ignores settings.


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Recently, I've noticed that matchmaking will partner me up with hosts that have a large ping. I have my settings to allow a "generous" ping tolerance of 300ms...however I've often been dumped into a squad in which the connection between the host and client has a ping way in excess of this setting. i.e. 2000ms. This means that doors and other interactables in the mission often don't work or are very sluggish and require spamming x or waiting for a long time. NPCs run around spastically their legs and arms flailing while they're stuck in place. Can't bullet jump while in frame or use things like energizing dash while in operator mode. Etc.

Then almost always the host connection will lag out and there'll be a host migration. While this isn't always the cause of host migrations, quite often it'll tell me I'm host migrating multiple times and then it'll say that it failed and I'm being returned to the multiplayer menu/back to the orbiter. Host migration failing multiple times and returning use to the orbiter is really something that DE should fix as it causes a loss of progress/loot/etc.

There REALLY needs to be some way to keep a confidence tally on each user or something which adds a weighted score so that hosts which have a history of being inferior either due to computer hardware or internet connection give up host to someone else who can provide a better experience during host election.

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