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Lately I have been jumping around in my orbiter. Making circles from time to time and I've started to notices something which no one has brought up yet and that go me to the first question and to the rest of this list.

Also I don't have a twitter account, so that is why I am asking you right here. 

I have noticed in the orbiter that the white void tree vines seems to be connected to the infected out break near the helminth room. So I went back and try follow it but all  I saw were some wires hanging out. So I went to the other side and go back to operator whom behind the place has a giant tree there with no base in the room. 

That makes me wonder about allot of stuff in this game. 

1a. Is the white void tree and vines a controlled string of the infested? 
1b. What are they?


Looking further around in the orbiter I got in to the Helminth room. Because my mind was so occupied that I would find my answers there, I stumbled upon another thing.
There are plants, some which aren't introduced yet in to the game. But they are larger and lost the original color and glow. The cube variant isn't in the game, But the other one seems to be like the one found on MARS in search for the tonic for the Silver Groove. 

2a. Why does the Lunar Pitcher found in the Helminth room doesn't glow?
2b. What makes these plants immensely larger than their counterparts in the wild?

2c. What kind of effects does the Lunar Pitcher posses?


Due to Fortuna finally being available on console I got to explore it on my own time and pace. And I have found some pretty interesting things, which doesn't add up, at least not with the information I've gotten at the moment. Since Fortuna did not release any lore as of yet, regarding to these things. 

While on Fortuna I stumbled upon some strange things. 

The corpus there are experimenting on something which did not made sense to me, until the discovery of two things. The first was the Orokin gate that seemed new and almost 100 intact. THe second on was deep in the temple, with some cave I could not access and the sound of an Huge beast / creature. While I was there I stumble for the 2nd or 3th time upon this horizontal spinning wheel that had light in a spectacular fashion emitting from it. I could have sworn that I have seen that before, and then I remembered Specters of the Rails. 
When activating a Solar Rail through out junctions on the Star Chart.

3a, Are the Corpus trying to make a Solar Rail?
3b. Can we also ride it?


Further exploration of Orb Vallis made me stumble upon thesse giant things that also look like the Sentient, the giant ones that fought against Gara and the Unum. But thesse things are fashioned in traditional Orokin trademark. Tall white buildings with gold ornaments. Oozing with black tar. 

4a. Did the sentient at some point had the traditional trademark of the Orokin? 
4b. Did the black tar change them in what they are now?
4c. Is there flesh underneath the sentient like the Unum provides?
4d. What is the difference between this black tar and kuva?

On the PS4 during the unfortunate delay of the release of Fortuna the red text mentioned that it wanted to reveal to us the face of 'the man in the wall' but instead we demanded Fortuna.
In days after some exploration of Fortuna, I had replayed the Sacrifce. In the cave when unlocking the signature moves of the operator, he / she mentions that his / her father stares into the dark, during the outbreak of the Void-jump accident, before turning feral, that something or someone is watching them, assumingly 'the man in the wall'. While also mentioning the famous phrase: 'kiddo'.

According to popular belief on the internet, the man in the wall is tied to the void and might be a physical personification of it. While that might be true it does't seem to add due to the following:
The man in the wall only appears after our interaction with the kuva.
The phrase by the man in the wall is kiddo, just like the supposed father used to say according to the operator.
The man in the wall is always shown in the image of the operator. (I changed my whole person once and he appeared in the new image)
There is a difference between the interactions of Rell and the man and the operator and the man. (This might be due limited release of information)

5a. Is the man in the wall the same as the personification of the void?
5b. Is the man in the wall the father of our operator?


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The Corpus are specifically trying to fix or repair the existing Solar Rails, most worryingly the Outer Terminus Solar Rail that connects to outside the Sol System solar rail net. The plants are also controlled Technocyte yes, used for conduits and such. You can see the same tendrils going out of control in the derelict and more passive versions in the jungles of Earth surface nodes.

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