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Fortuna Part 2: Appreciacion Thread


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Not everything is perfect.
Neither they should be.

And even though there were bugs, weird drop tables, clipping issues, arch-gun questions and whatnot, i strongly believe any other company couldn't handle all these as soon and effectively as DE.

Again, we all know that there are lots of things to be tweaked. But do you realize how hard all the things they make are?

20 pages of notes? Tons of bugfixes? Hell, hearing a bug is one thing. Finding the cause of it is another.

I don't mind the occuring problems. DE and all the employees are great enough to provide us the solutions as fast as they can.


So, thank you.
I can't emphasize how much of a stress all you guys are under.
While taking care of the game, please also take care of yourselves.
In the end, we all lift together.

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Decisions are the biggest problem, not bugs. I understand where you're coming from, but my experience isn't being tarnished by bugs. It's the amount of time it takes to equip an archgun, or the timer in-between use, or the unskippable cutscenes, etc. I also love when DE is quick to fix stuff, like the cutscenes I just mentioned.

Anyways, what's the point of threads like this? Don't we show appreciation by playing and spending money on this game? If we tell them what we like or dislike, I think that can make the game better. Just telling them "thank you" while players are disappointed seems counterproductive. Idk, I would just think actual feedback has more value than blind appreciation. This thread just seems like a participation trophy. 

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