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Time Gating and RNG Gating


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Hey DE...


Look...I can see that you need to Time Gate some progress (syndicates and cap) but now with Vox Solaris there is a RNG Gate where I can't take it anymore.

I have done about 100 Bounty 2 Runs (because they are the shortest and therefore give the fastest rewards).

It took me 33 runs to get 5x the Gyromag Systems rewards (just to rank up since I was at cap the day after Fortuna 1 hit)

For the next rank I need 10 Atmo Systems. Guess what? I only got the Atmo Systems as rewards 3x times ( I have seen the reward table and I know they are at 10% and yes maybe I am unlucky... but that's not my problem here)

Dunno about the next Rank, haven't found info yet, but it's either 5 or 10 Repeller Systems (which I finally got 1 after the Hotfix the last hour) or a combination of all the Systems.


In addition I have screwed myself by using the Graviton on my Fluctus (so I need a huge amount of surplus Systems just to get another Graviton). That seems impossible to get only with the droptable.

Can you please add those Systems to LDs' Shop with a reasonable price of 1k per System? (we get 3x Gyromag/Atmo/Repeller as rewards as well as 3x Calda Toroids, so this is a fair price tag...I wouldn't even complain if you raise the price to 3 or 5k per piece...just let me buy them like Cetus Wisps from Onkko)



In spoiler tag are 2 screenshots of my "unlucky" situation.





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While it is frustrating to have locks, it's actually the only thing preventing this update from being completed and forgotten in 24 hours. The grind is already insanely easy and the arcanes from Vox Solaris don't even have to be crafted. If anything, I would prefer if they increased the grind around different areas of Fortuna to keep players busy. Warframe is a grind game. The more grind that exists, the more game there is to play.

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23 minutes ago, Voltage said:

Warframe is a grind game. The more grind that exists, the more game there is to play.

Yeah and that is fine and all. But locking players out of content (I refuse to pay for Baruuk when he is right under my nose) who just have plain bad luck isn't good at all. I never had anything against the cap although it really bothers me while trading because I have to turn down about 100 people per day.

But RNG gating is where I have to draw the line. It's so damn frustrating. I won't cry a river here. Just giving feedback that this is just to much.

I gave another 30 runs to above and this is the systems result:

93 gyro, 9 Atmo and 12 Repeller.



edit: Repeller is more rare and I can even craft 3 Gravimags after Ranking Up...

It's just not a balanced drop. Gyromag: check, Repeller: check, Atmo: 17 to go (to match the Repeller)

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I’ve done 100+ runs of the 2nd heist bounty since that’s the quickest one just to get one atmo system. 80% of the runs i got meso Z2 rad relics (which drop the redeemer prime blade, but since it’s a common part and the relics are radiant, the relics are kinda useless) and the rest i’ve gotten some other stuff other than atmo systems and that rare archgun mod. 

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