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Game ideas i think they could do.


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Hi all hope ur having a nice day 

Here's something i got to say hear me out please and tell me your opinion Thanks.

1. First of all add more guns.

2. What do u think about Grinding Defence/survival missions...

Pretty boring at some point right. What would you guys say if the Developers made the game a little harder. By adding mini bosses and/or monster swarms on defence mission from round 15 and up adding aditional drops and making it more interesting for Pros and better for New players for the XP/drops the bosses can be warframes that drop their parts/mods or just a normal monster with abnormal stats and buffs that would requiere strategy and help from all in the party and adding 2 more slots for the Defence/survival mission making it from 4 players to 6 players on this Defence missions/survival.

3. World bosses.

This would take the game to a whole new level. Make them every two weeks. For example Banshee would be the world boss. Ash and Rhino can appear with alot of monsters to make it hard but the catch is that when u kill them they revive in they Prime forms with buffs to make them worst to kill. The loot from the world boss would be simething from prime Vault or plat/credits/rare materials depends on the dificulty of the world Boss. Max number of people on world boss would be 40 at the same time 

4. Make a year event. Special drops, more XP, more loot, a special gun whatever u know something special for the players and their respective consoles. 

If they do add some of this to the game it would attract way more people to the game. 

Say your opinion and thanks for reading this 


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1. always working on it

2. your suggestion is incongruous with established gameplay and in-game lore.

3. we have those. For the worlds with open room to run around in that is. more will come.

4. things like this are already being done. the only console exclusives DE will make and has been making are skins. Nothing gameplay wise is going to be different between systems.

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