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More drops from heist


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Well, with the new change to the Heist, less archgun recovery time, more ammo, skippeable cutscenes that's a good improvement to the heist since thoose were realy troublesome.

But now here comes the question, why do we have ONLY 1 reward in the bounty ? The first bounty got 3 stage, why not a reward each stage like the other bounty ?
And even if it's might be a lil too much, why not the bonus reward too ? Like 1 reward from the bounty drop tables at each stage and a bonus reward whith the "No dammage to the drone" and the other one.

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b) The Profit Taker Rewards

We intend to add new rewards for taking down the Profit Taker: Debt Tokens, Actual Profit (aka a big stack of Credits), and possibly an Articula!

Additional Comments:

Taking down The Profit Taker is no easy task - and on its death, you get a Crisma Toroid worth 6,000 Vox Solaris Standing... and that's it. We are adding more shortly as listed above, and hopefully.. even more soon!





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They explained why in this post:

6 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

You may have noticed that for the 4 Heist Bounties, you only get 1 reward at the end of each Bounty. Before launch, we multiplied the quantity of some of the rewards (i.e x3 Toroids, etc) as we didn't think having 'per phase' rewards made sense for the fast and easy tasks that kick off each Bounty - but we are reviewing this to see what we can change, even if it means multiplying more.


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