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Cutscenes and Conversations - They are nice but too much!!!


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I loved the idea of giving the characters more screen time and to see more little duck but this is too much,


I know you had in mind to do not stop cutscenes and do not create this "Flaming" community when someone is watching cutscenes and one is not. But if you keep slaping players with same cutscenes and conversations that we have to listen over and over you will create the flaming community yourself.

This is second day of Fortuna part 2 and I already feel that If I hear these conversations again im gonna commit deadpacito.

I love characters, I love the story. If you want new players to see cutscenes COOL! Im totally agreeing on this point but make them unskipable only if a person sees them for the first time. Also conversations during missions are quickly getting annoying not only cause i need to listen to the same line 20th time but it keeps locking you out of another stages of the mission and you need to wait till dialogue is finished to go further.

This is what will make things worse and create the Flame you wanted to avoid. Please consider to do something with them.

Just make mission stages pass on their own even without characters finishing their lines and make them stop talking when you are in Fortuna Hub.


Just please.

Thank you.

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