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Coming Soon: Devstream #121 - Happy Holidays!

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Asked this for last stream and I don't remember an answer, but with a lot of new players coming in from Fortuna, I feel that it's still important: 

Are there any ideas for a new boss for Ceres? Considering that by that point in a new player's run, they'll have already killed Lech Kril, and Vor has already been cut in half and is presumably becoming forever bound to the void, it seems strange that these two would even have the capability of showing up for this battle. Pretty sure being dead kinda books your schedule. :clem:

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the new hairstyles and their visuals and graphics are pretty good (especially the ponytail and bun!) but what about the ones not released from these WIP designs?


i really want the one in the 1st column, 2nd row. it so damn nice pls de!




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What's about a music packs? Example:

I buy a [Rock battle music pack] for 100 platinum, turn on this pack in arsenal. Go to the mission, and when i start fight music turn on, to cool kick аss.

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Heyo! Happy Holliudays and Happy new Year for you Digital Extremes after this Devstream :D

Onto what I wanna know:

Melee 3.0 (posibility of gunblades having a "shoot" button isntead of shotting as part of the combo or hold down the melee attack to shoot to be able to combine sslashing and shutting in player's selfmade combos)

Operator Personalization: My Operator is wearing the Umbra Scarft because in the lore I gave him he got wounded on the fight of the Harrow mission by a broken chain whipping his face and the wound left a scar, but we don't have scars for Operator faces, any thoughts for this personalization for the future?


and yeah that's pretty much it

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I like the new Orb-heist but I feel returning to Fortuna between every phase, breaks the flow and dimishes the urgency which is a big part of the heist-feel.

Would it be possible to rework it into one big mission, that can be played like a extra single raid/extra long bounty?

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Catchmoon have been having strange interaction with collision on surface since the beginning, the projectile will dissipated when even a small part of it is hitting the surface. Is this intentional? A punchthrough interaction like Arca Plasmor would make it infinitely more useful.

If you think it's too powerful to have baseline punchthrough, then would it be possible to enable it with punchthrough mod?

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I haven't kept up with dev streams but what is going on with that Atlas Deluxe skin I have seen floating around it's really dope and I wanna know if it will make it in the game or is it on its way and I hope you all have a happy holiday 

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Some notes and thoughts on Profit Taker from a solo player:

I assume since the game allows me to roll a mission without a squad and in solo mode, that a squad is not required.  I've yet to run into any mission where this is not the case but elements of the Profit Taker bounties come the closest.

There is a point in the third bounty where you need to hack terminal A and then activate terminal B.  The time to do this is very limited.  It can be done using lots of bullet jumps/parkour, a fast frame (like a speed volt), or speed mods (Rush and the like).  On additional runs of this bounty (to get the random standing bits / resources) the panel run, not the end fight, is the most challenging part.  This probably isn't the intent.  A few more seconds for a solo player (5 would most likely be enough) would be welcome.  As a side note, it wasn't entirely clear when I finished this phase what I had to do to get my arch gun.  Either no one mentioned that the item would be in my inbox, or I just missed it. It might be worth looking at.

The fourth bounty is quite an undertaking solo.  While this is to be expected, the fight seems a bit harder than it should be solo.  The typical problem I have soloing is I run out of revives before the end.  Most of my deaths are not caused by the orb itself, but instead by the multitudes of adds.  Even keeping the beacons down and the alert level at 0 or 1, the sheer number of them becomes an issue.  Seeing the fight (in the current iteration) done with groups, there doesn't appear to be anything as out of line.  It seem to just be a problem of scale.  For possible solutions:

  • Reduce the number / spawn rate / level of adds.  This is the most straightforward option, but it would cut down on the chaos and that might not be the feel you want.
  • Scale the orb's shields/hp/armor based on the number of players in the mission. I'm not sure this is possible, but reducing these numbers would allow the length of the fight to be controlled based on the number of players.  It would maintain the chaotic feel but lower the bar for smaller squads.
  • Change the amount of damage (it seems to be damage based?) the orb takes before switching vulnerable types based on the number of the players.  When soloing there is only 1 person doing any real damage, and all of the types are not covered.  Typically I can get coverage over 6 types, but only 4 of them are very good.  The last 2 are mostly "better than doing no damage".  It is not as easy to manage the types solo so there's a lot of time where damage is not being done, which makes the fight take longer, and thus controlling the adds more of a challenge.  Locking a type for longer would allow small squads to waste less time but still keep the elements of the fight intact.

Some other notes:

The orb in bounty 4 seems to spawn in any number of spots.  Some of them are much easier than others.  If you've watched the video for Prime Time you'll see the pain Megan experience with that particular spawn point.  It is one of the worst fight spots possible.  There is a hill/mountain fight spot that also makes the fight tougher than the flat spots.  I would expect people to start aborting the mission when they see they have an unfavorable spawn.  I think adding better drops will just magnify this issue.  It's also probably not the type of behavior you want to encourage, so maybe some balancing of spawn locations could be done.  Alternatively, you could reduce the amount of knockdown/push in this encounter which would help from people getting tossed into the water.  It often feels obnoxious but that might be a core part of the fight in your design vision.  

Similar to the above, there are two bounties that have been in Fortuna since launch that are significantly harder than all of the other bounties.  For a frame of reference I never thought the 2 extractor drop was difficult (once the spawn of the power cell guys was made more reliable), and I've done all of the bounties at the hardest difficulty a multitude of times for relics/standing.  However if I receive capture the cases at any tier and it happens to spawn in the cave, I will fail the mission.  The cave version is much more difficult due to the tight spaces (npc spawn and are capturing immediately the majority of times) and the line of sight challenges make it difficult to cover multiple cases.  I can do the outdoor ones at the top tier without issue, but the cave is just death.  I'm sure you can data mine this and see how that particular bounty compares to the rest in terms of complete/bonus complete/fail/abort.  The second bounty that feels harder than the rest is the spy mission.  Particularly the spy mission outside (Central Maintenance I think it is? Maybe Transport Depot, maybe both?)  It is very easy to pick up an alarm from the random people walking around unless you are running a full on stealth frame.  This mission isn't hard to complete but it will often cost me the bonus reward at the end of the bounty.  I'm more than willing to admit this one is just me, but I'm sure you can data mine it. Also note that if you start that stage and have a pre-existing alert it immediately trips the alarms..or it did last time I ran it which was pre Profit Taker.

Vox Solaris is the first completely RNG based syndicate.  There is no repeatable way to gain standing. You just have to kill stuff in the areas over and over and hope you get drops.  Or find the pickups in the caves.  The Quills are the closest in standing model but at night in the plains there were 100% drops.  It wasn't the fastest way but it was a slow and grindy way to rank up.  Vox Solaris lacks this.  Also the drops don't seem to scale based on the level of enemies.  It would be nice if the higher level enemies which start showing up at alert 3 and 4 had a higher drop rate.  If they already do, it might need a review because it doesn't really appear so.  Possibly due to fighting fewer of them every spawn.  It did get a lot better than it was at Fortuna launch, but it still feels rough.  Also why are the parts (chassis/systems/neuroptics) at the higher rank than the main blue print?  That just feels like a troll.  If they were reversed at least you could build the parts before you get the main bp and be ready to go.  As is the BP at 3 does nothing unless you happen to have so many toroids you can afford to get it before you get the bounty drop required to rank up to the next standing level.

Archguns don't feel epic or powerful.  In fact due to limited mod selection they feel like mediocre primaries.  They look and sound right, but the damage isn't there.  Raw number wise my kit gun puts out low to mid 5 digit crits and mows through multiple enemies at once. My imperator vandal puts out high 3 low 4 crits and takes longer to kill the same number of enemies (just regular mission stuff not level 100+ types).  Obviously just ramping the numbers up by an order of magnitude or so would fix the feel but probably introduce a variety of balance challenges.  I just know it has been mentioned that you wanted an "oh yeah!" moment when the arch gun comes out, and right now it feels like "meh I'm bored of my usual weapons".  Also the switch animations seem to lock you in place/stop movement,  They are rather long, so this can be bad, and in warframe movement is life.  It'd be nice if they didn't lock you in one place and allowed you to move with at least some speed.  Maybe a mod to do so? 

Finally because there was no good place to mention it above, it would be handy if the damage type symbol for the orb was actually above it instead of in front of it.  When you are behind/off to the side it can be difficult to see the indicator.  I think having it float above the orb and be visible 360 would benefit everyone, but as a solo player it would really help as sometimes you're behind the orb and just have to type switch and then shoot it to see if you got lucky.


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Can you comment on some previously mentioned deluxe skins?
specifically thinking about Nyx and an ancient Zephyr deluxe.

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In 2019 will we see more 2x Res,Credit,Aff. weekends?? If memory serves there was only 1 this year and largely due to community request, what are the chances of maybe having a double weekend every 4-5 weeks starting in 2019?

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Will we see the weapon balance pass, as it was with primaries and secondaries long ago? 

Some weapons like dakra prime, orthos prime, broken war, machete series and others could be revisited as they are pretty poor. 

I believe balance pass should wait for melee 3.0 but can we get an ETA and updates on it? 

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TO DO LIST 2019!

More uses for the Operator OUTSIDE the plains - maybe a specific enemy that could spawn in some missions, like a/some Vomvalist that could drop some Cores. Or maybe a Kuva Cloud that could randomly spawn... Or, why not both?

Make The other Focus schools actually necessary in some missions - like fighting the (new) Eidolons, or some other type of missions. Or else everyone will just continue use Zenurik... All the time.

Use Operator in other Orbitals - we go there and can't even take of our coats/frames.

Use the Operator in Relays - like we do in Cetus.

Go search for a key when doors lock - instead of just hacking consoles to move on.
Day-night cycles in other planets - don't other planets spin too?

Use the Archwing in the Kuva Fortress - I cry everytime I leave the Kuva Fortress and see the Archwing stats in the reward menu... doing nothing. It hurts, it really does.
Kubrows (Earth) and Stingrays (Mars) to drops specific resources - like Kuakas and Condrocs do in the Plains.
A use for Iron Wake - since the Harrow Quest I have NEVER returned there. It serves absolutelly NO purpose whatsoever. Either move Pallamino to Cetus and get rid of Iron Wake, or make it have an actual purpose in game... Maybe more shops? Or a Mercenary that would come once every 2 weeks with special bounties? A 3 to 5 stage mission that would take you all over the starchart and it would give you special rewards at each stage... Just a tought.

A Sigil for Ostron Sindicate - because all others have them, and so that we have at least ONE other way to earn standing for them outside the plains.
Lure Specters - In the Quills sindicate, to capture the Eidolon easely. NO foundry required! (btw ALL specters should "hold" position by pressing and HOLDING square button [PS4] because the amount of times they stand still because we are just reloading or opening lockers is too much and reeeeeally annoying).

Lunaro needs a mini-map - just a little one on the upper left corner like we have in missions, to quickly see where my teammates and our oponents are. I have requested this too many times, so... If you are not going to improve it and so few people play it, maybe you should consider remove it all together?

Rewards in Frame Fighter - Why not move this to Conclave? I mean, I tried to play it a bit both times no one showed up. But if it had ANY rewards people might show up.

Better rewards - or else no one will play/return there. Possibly some of the itens in the daily login rewards?

Competitive Missions - where you don't really fight other players, you compete to finish an objective faster/with higher score.

Type of landing craft support displayed in HUD - extremelly useful.
Reactant marked on radar - a little yellow dot would sufice. Instead of a clutered screen full of icons.
Eidolon Cores marked on mini-map and have them work with vaccum mod - a little blue dot would be enough and it should be picked up like Reactant... for the same reason.
[Note1: Like excavator powercells, these thing are already pretty visible in the game. But unlike powercells that we have to pick up manually, these do not happear in radar but (should just) work with vaccum. And because the hud can get pretty clutered with every little icon, I would prefer to have them marked on radar and have Vaccum pick them up. ]

Diferent icon between Mineral or Cristal displayed in our minning scanner - useful, to say the least (btw, boost Eidolon Cristal drops).

Icon for equiped Focus School displayed on the lower right corner of the HUD - instead of the 5 rings... A "quality of life" improvement to help us see what Focus we have equiped.

Missions of Cetus displayed - and able to pick from there, like all other Sindicates have, instead of having to go in tye village just to take a look.


Infested Room - Having it there always locked and just accesable to ONE frame or to remove Cysts, is kind of reductive... this room needs more use(s). So my idea was: some kind of enemy we could capture, bring here, sit them on the chair and let it analise(eat) them. This would give us some kind item or boost... Nitain Extract(?) or 10% bonuses for 1h (equal to rare stashes) sounds mighty fine.

Auto color match for weapons - changing weapons in loadout should still match previous color selection, just like syndanas do.

Able to use Abilities when fishing - same as minning. Instead of unequip spear, use ability, equip spear... Extremelly useful.
Use our OWN settings to control Archwing - forcing players to play with the "new" style command is annoying and degradating to play-style to say the least.

Use Archwing UNDERWATER - I mean, we use it in Urano, so... (Logic 2).

[Note2: concerning Archwing, if these things cannot be done for POE, them it is better to just change the entire design for a proper "Skywing" - a single wing from the arcwhing attached to the back (so as to keep the abilities) would be better understood by the players.]
Vaccum to catch Eidolon cores - you did it with Reactants, so... (Logic 3).
Fight the Teralist or Gautalist or Hidrolist in diferent missions - when night comes, have specific missions for each one INDIVIDUALLY (well, for Teralist we already have). This is pinnacle specially now that everyone is migrating to Fortuna and getting good squads to go all the way in fighting 3 of them is hard to find, and hard to do (URGENT: we need this ASAP because everyone is leaving for Fortuna).

(BTW my brother, a Destiny player, just got is Archwing in Warframe and LOVED IT SO MUCH. He too was suprised there weren't more missions with it.)

Archwing Defense - comeback PLEEEEEEEASE! Make it ONE objective defense and put some good rewards there (Axi Relics!?) so I can go back to my Archwing fighting days.
Archwing Races and PvP - POE clearly show you have not forgotten good'old Archwing.
Use of regular Archwing weapons in POE- (AND controls)... C'mon, even if you nerfed the damage bit we still need them. [see Note2]


School Sigils - Once you fully unlock and complete a School Tree you should get a Sigil from that School to mark your accomplishment. This should happen for all Schools.

All Schools Master - After unlocking and completing all nodes in all schools you should get a "Master" Sigil and a possibly a Trophy as decoration.

Close Focus - Or have a solution (not "nodes") for people with all Schools completed.

[Note3: This would work a bit like the Kuria rewards. You get one half way, and another at the end.]

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Thank you for all your hard work and a Merry Christmas to everyone at DE

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Will you ever rework the old orokin styled rooms for the dojo?

I mean I would love to see some of those orokin themes rooms again in the new dojo :)

Also players can't miss what they never had.

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Talk about the sounds of temperature cues on Venus, and their inspiration. What about all the tremendous unused assets on POE and the plans to use them. The END.Ooops, no end. Merry Christmas all !  Now, the end.

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Devstream Question: Any chance of seeing more Wraith/Vandal/Prime variants of the current Archwing weapons (or just new Archwing weapons in general) now that they're more prevalent in the current game. (the fact that they feel awesome to use in regular missions should not be denied either though.)

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On 2018-12-19 at 10:20 PM, Lored said:


Any news:

  • "Kingpin" system;
  • Thumper Bot from 105 and 106 devstreams;
  • Any chance to PoE grinding changes;
  • Cephalon Samodeus lore or something(some fragments across world like kuria with some stories) with it;
  • Any warframe add in Arbitrations droplist;
  • Limbo deluxe;
  • Seasonal events (winter event?);
  • Reveal Fortuna items in profile (MOA's still hidden);
  • Wukong rework (or mb not? he's ok).
  • Railjack 

How about: 

  • New archwing & arch-weapons;
  • Arch-guns Rivens;
  • New Landing Craft ship;
  • New Venus Kubrow type(Kubrodons);
  • Status mods like Rifle Aptitude rework;
  • Sentinels weapons Augments;
  • Clan management system:
    • Fields for "Clan description"(Clan Rules), except for the already available "motd"
    • More information for admins:
      • Player(x) invite Player(y);
      • Curent resources progress (%);
      • Curent research progress (%);
    • More flexible and variable "Hierarchy and Roles" system:
      • Stricter access to the Dojo and Labs (to avoid players who join the clan, buy BP's and leave).
  • New map for Relay's and Dojo (colored with markers) like in PoE or OV;
  • Dojo:
  • Boss reworks:
    • The Sergeant;
    • Hyena Pack;
    • Phorid;
    • Zanuka Hunter.

basically what Lored said, exept I removed things I don't actually care about and added railjack

also, please can we get a bigger orbiter, I'd pay for it, I have a lot of decorations and I want to make it look good, but the articulas are HUGE and I can't fit 3 of them on a shelf
especially the new profit taker articulka, ITS MASSIVE it takes up an entire shelf in my orbiters meagre living quarters...

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as per usual ill ask some stuff 

  • zephyer deluxe [updates or design changes?]
  • proto skins [stated on dev stream every frame gets a deluxe and a proto so can we see some more protos also?]
  • umbras [ with the new war on horizon and a large sentient threat we will require more variants soon i think, teasers on soem maybe? or ideas who might be next]
  • bird companions [id love falconry based bird companion and i think now we have a few variety of birds design wise
  • [i had suggestions on this a while back as an example , would de be up to making bird pets?] 

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