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Negative mod drain Heavy Weapon


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Just noticed a bug regarding the new Heavy Weapon function on Archwing loadout.


When you swap slot polarity with forma, it does remove mods from slots, but it does not swap the polarity and reset capacity to level 0 until you go out and in on the weapon upgrade. So if you install mods before exiting upgrade edit on weapon, you can still max out the heavy weapon with mods, even if its level 0. When you then leave weapon upgrade screen and enter again, you get negative number on capacity, but all the mods are still installed.


This does not work with the archwing weapon. So it has different mod setups on Heavy Weapon and archwing weapon if its the same weapon. Have not tried the Heavy Weapon in mission to see if its an UI bug, or if its actually using the mods with Archwing weapon-launcher.



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