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Baruuk infinite Serene Storm glitch


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Was just doing a Sedna Hydron defence mission. Just before the 5th wave ended, I was using Serene Storm. The host chose to abandon, but the rest of us stayed, so it migrated host.

When I was back in control, I had my secondary weapon equipped and was using Serene Storm at the same time. I was able to fire my secondary as usual, but could also press E to use the Serene Storm combos (including sliding and drop attacks).The entire time, my Restraint meter increased but never ended. This persisted through bleedout/revive.

Had no idea what would be worthwhile to screenshot, but took a couple anyway, just on the off-chance it's relevant. First one shows the Serene Storm glow around Baruuk's hands while I'm using my Akjagara Prime. Second is using a combo attack with the weapon still equipped (unfortunately you can see the first screenshot in the lower right, as I took them in quick succession, but you get the idea).






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