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Reward Idea


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The lack of good rewards for veterans gets brought up time and time again. Which is hard, more powerful gear would invalidate a lot of the old rewards and cosmetics would cut in directly in one of the few revenue streams DE has.

My suggestion would be to build up on what is there. A possibility would be to add an item similar to formas that adds an additional mod slot to a weapon or warframe. I would start with primaries, since they don't have auras or stances to complicate things.

So the idea: Add a mod slot to a weapon, can be repeated, no "real" maximum (since that is already defined by the 60 mod capacity). This would not only encourage player to farm this item, it would also encourage them to forma every slot of their weapon (including the additional ones) to get out the maximum performance.

This would also make it possible for DE to lower the mod capacity a mod takes to increase its value, since number of mods isn't a limit anymore and only capacity matters in endgame builds.

This would allow for both a continue in power growth without making old weapons irrelevant. It also provides an alternative to rivens to push a weapon "over the limit".

At a later date another item could be added that pushes the max mod capacity a bit higher. This one probably should have a maximum, but you know, sky is the limit at that point.


Those are just my 2 cents.

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9 minutes ago, BlueberryIsWar said:

A possibility would be to add an item similar to formas that adds an additional mod slot to a weapon or warframe.

Game-breaking. Other than that, why should you want more stats if you are a vet and already obliterate anything in the game?

10 minutes ago, BlueberryIsWar said:

At a later date another item could be added that pushes the max mod capacity a bit higher.

Your idea isn't even trying to maintain balance or a healthy game. This is naked power creep.

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Actually what's really limiting our builds' power is slots count, not capacity. Capacity is just an obstacle making sure you can't have a decent build without spending a potato and a bunch of formas. If you ever noticed mods' capacity doesn't correlate with their power in the slightest so if we suddenly decide to use capacity as the limit we should also consider reworking the whole mod system, otherwise some builds would be horribly overpowered (like hybrids or pure status) while other would appear a lot weaker (pure crit or crit/elemental, especially the latter).

However what would be a nice addition is some kind of über-forma, giving you universal polarity and not taking goddamn 24 hours to build.

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The issue with this is that getting all this will still make the game have "no challenge" as now you have more mod space and capacity. This is not what the player base needs even if they think they want it. 

We want to feel that the power we are getting is going to be met by a resistance that feels worthy of a challenge. We do not want to keep one shotting or shooting bullet sponges. We need something that does more than get Nova slowed, picked off by a blast from the Arca Plasmor, vaporized by Saryn, or blasted by riven filled weapons. We need rewards that make sense.

Give me on an Extractor a reward that is fitting of my time and my MR. If I get a Stretch mod from having it dug up after waiting the time, make it a bundle multiplied by time and MR tier. At least this way I can change it to Endo or credits fitting of being in this game. If I do a Mobile Def, give me some data that I can use to unlock a cosmetic after gathering a certain amount of them that I can cash in at the relay. Give me SPY missions that once we gather a certain amount, unlocks a mission where we fight a new enemy that we don't one shot then run to extraction. But not more power to do the same things over again with is hitting less than the last time. 

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