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Warframe: Dual Frame Idea

(XBOX)RBW Boomchicka

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Name(s): Wraith and Wisp

I was also thinking about just calling her Yuki Onna(aka Yukifuri Baba) and her morphs be called Wraith form and Wisp form but I liked just Wraith and Wisp more.

Gender: Female

Abilities (Wraith)

1. It That Cleanses - Wraith morphs into Wisp changing to her ability kit. Switching from Wraith to Wisp will give Wisp a 2 second invincibility window and increased ability efficiency for a base of 15 seconds.

2. Phantom Limb - Aim and teleport to an enemy and strangle the life out of them with a near invisible limb protruding from Wraith's torso. Upon killing them, there's a 10-30% chance they will explode into an ice nova damaging nearby enemies. Leveling this ability would allow you to strangle multiple enemies at once (I would say max number of enemies strangled would be 8 at a time like a spider). (Use mods to reduce the amount of time it takes to strangle kill.)

3. Frozen Hearts - Wraith phases into an enemy, grasping their souls and freezing them from the inside out. Unshattered frozen enemies emit an aura giving Wraith energy over time. Shattering a frozen enemy with Phantom Limbs will give Wraith and nearby allies a burst of health.

4. Queen of Ghosts - Wraith unleashes a torrent of souls around her sending enemies into the air endlessly having their souls taken and tormented by ghosts. Enemies killed in QoG have their souls added to the fray strengthening its power (up to the cap of 25% increased ability strength) and the corpses left frozen on the ground. QoG will keep its radius around Wraith and consume energy over time. Wraith will remain stationary during this ability.

Abilities (Wisp)

1. It That Haunts - Wisp morphs in Wraith changing to her ability kit. Switching from Wisp to Wraith will give Wraith a 2 second invincibility window and increased ability strength for a base of 15 seconds.

2. A Mother's Gift - Wisp passes through an enemy setting them ablaze with ghostflame. If an enemy dies from this ability Wisp will send off one of her 'children' (cute little baby soul orb) to heal an ally with the most missing health %. Leveling this ability will send off more orbs to heal all allies starting with the most missing health %.

3. Warm Bodies - Wisp will take on an ethereal look and cloak herself around an ally, increasing their HP, SP, HP regen, SP Regen, and armor. Wisp is unable to attack or be attacked while this ability is active. Has a duration base of 14 seconds. Leveling and mods will increase the time and buffs.

4. A Mother's Sacrifice - Wisp relinquishes 90% of her HP to revive all downed allies and buffs all allies with boosted HP, SP, and Armor for a duration based at 20 seconds. (Has to have atleast 1 downed ally to activate).

If thats not to anyone's liking i had another idea for the last ability...

4a. Call of the Siren - Wisp lets out a haunting yet come hithering wail, dazing and attracting nearby enemies. When charmed enemies come within a certain range of Wisp, a spectred Wraith will mercilessly assassinate them. Consumes energy over time.

Thats all i got for now I'll add and change more as i come up with something better or someone makes a better suggestion. Had this idea for a warframe I'd like to see for while now. I love being a wizard but i also like being mama medic, so why not put both together :v

I appreciate you all taking the time to read this and i would love to hear criticisms- constructive/harsh/whatever may it be. I do plan on making a rough drawing of Wraith and Wisp but it'll be a bit as im not that good at drawing :'v

I play on Xbox and PC sometimes my IGN is RBW Boomchicka. Lets play sometime. 🙂

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