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Grappling Hook Mod(For Companions)


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 First off, I would like to apologize if someone else has already mentioned this; I used the search box to sift through relatable words that link with this particular idea, so if someone has already brought up this topic before, I apologize to the OP of said subject.

  I was wondering, would it be possible to create a mod that could be installed on the companions, that when a warframe falls off the edge of the landscape, a type of tether would spring out when the warframe reached a certain level of depth of the map and hook onto the land itself. It wouldn't pull them up, the player would have to use E(or whatever button the developers/player keybinders would set it too) to pull themselves up, and or another player could assist in pulling them up. I'm only suggesting this because when you fall the screen goes black, it can sometimes throw some people off or it breaks their immersion; I figured this would be a great way to fix that, also bring more of team effort into groups aside when a player is bleeding out on missions.
 Then again, this concept wouldn't even have to be a mod, it could be it's own installment on the warframe, much like the cyst growing on the neck(by the way...ew. 😛 ).

 I realize this idea alone is more complicated to be executed. it would involve a lot of programming; I just wanted to leave this as a suggestion, and do not expect it to be considered. But I'd rather say my peace instead of having it eat away at me and regret not saying anything at all.  

 Best Wishes, Happy Hunting.

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