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Can't continue my first profit taker mission after I have completed to defense corpus space


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For the first profit taker mission, I went to the cave, I killed corpus, I fished, I went to the corpus base, I killed every corpus and I completed the defense mission AS LITTLE DUCK SAID

But the mission just stuck there after the defense mission, there's no one tell me what to do next, there's no hint, no yellow mark, it just stuck there and I don't know what to do.


Sometimes the datamass don't even DROP even I KILLED EVERYONE

I just can't finish my mission all because of those 2 bugs, Even I restart the mission, even I restart WARFRAME, even I restart my computer, even I go public or solo.


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46 minutes ago, drdead7 said:

I'll channel my inner oracle and I'd give a wild guess, that you play Octavia? This frame breaks these base overtaking. Should be reported and fixed.

Thank you for telling me that. Yes I used Octavia all the time during profit taker, I changed to Atlas and the problem is gone.

But the Octavia bug is still not fixed after the newest hotfix... hope they fix it

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