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Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.5


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2 minutes ago, Descent-of-Damocles said:

In this topic, Shield disruption could just be capped so that they're (arbitrarily) half as effective, making sure that there's at least the annoying shield. Outright making them useless is a missed opportunity to make it useful, since shield disruption is pretty useless anywhere else.

Well, annoying or not, devs clearly wanted a set difficulty for the Orb fight. There's nothing wrong with the decision to block the routes around this difficulty IMO.

Shield disruption is useless anywhere because shields are useless in the first place. Not only armor scaling is broken. A proper scaling rework would also mean increasing shields' value to match armor's value. Both CP and SD would be useful then.

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10 hours ago, theANIMALtm said:

Many people (me included) did constructive criticism, they didn't listen. So the SO is a glorified nuke frame-whip simulator.
Elite alerts is almost what the SO should be, but the rewards are ... meh.... 

The Spider battle is another Eidolon hunt, a huge bullet sponge with overshields, but with a lot of corpus f**king around, and the gattler shoots nerf darts. On release day we killed one, and we got 2 of the new resource as rewards.... yaaaay

So yeah.... constructive criticism are not that useful

I believe I have the opposite opinion of you in most of that and I feel like a contrarian....

I do Arbitrations for the rewards, the endo is very enjoyable for me as I don't enjoy the endo farm in Sedna Arena. I enjoyed Eidolon hunts. I agree that rewards for Orbmothers is OOF-bad, but that will get better with time and constructive criticism.


No argument, just stance-stating. ❤️

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