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Critical Focus and Velocitus: bugged interaction / bad math


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Not sure if this post is going in the right subforum, seeing as it is a bugged interaction between a Mod and Arch-Gun, so if a mod would like to move it, please do so.

After receiving [Critical Focus] as a drop from Profit-Taker yesterday, I decided to do some testing to confirm I was getting the most bang for my buck. Long story short: I'm not. I did some extensive testing in the Simulacrum, and while sample size makes me a bit apprehensive to say that the +Critical Chance bonus isn't working as intended, I can say undoubtedly that the Damage bonus portion Is Not working as described.

Preface: I Gravimag'd my Velocitus for atmospheric use because given how it handled in Archwing missions, I was happy with its damage output and handling, and the fact that it had no range limitations on it's projectiles, like the Fluctus. However, the Velocitus in atmosphere behaves far differently than in Archwing missions. For starters. many of its base stats are adjusted, which I imagine is the case for all Archwing weapons in atmosphere for balancing purposes. The stats of note to this experiment are the base damage of 1,200 Magnetic and a base Critical Damage Multiplier of 3.0x. As for the Mod on trial, at max rank [Critical Focus] offers: "+60% Critical Chance and Damage when Aiming."

The Experiment: Damage would be inflicted upon a level 70 Ancient Disruptor, selected for it's neutral resistance against the innate Magnetic Damage type of the Velocitus. Damage would be inflicted in various states: i.e., Fired from the hip vs. Aiming with LMB; Non-critical hits vs. Critical hits; Non-charged shots vs. Fully charged shots; and Without Critical Focus equipped vs. With Critical Focus equipped. The test shots we conducted with no other mods equipped. The results of each of these scenarios is outlined in the tables below:


Conclusions: The first obvious discovery was that the weapon card's Critical Damage Multiplier of 3.0x holds true for Charged Shots only. This is supported by the evidence that, while shooting Charged Shots, whether from the hip or down sights, the damage ratio of Crits to Non-Crits is 3601:1200, reasonable reducing to a 3.0x multiplier. In the case of Uncharged shots, the ratio in damage of Crits to Non-Crits is 400:200 or only a 2.0x multiplier. While the majority of the time I intend to use the Velocitus for its Charged Fire mode, this result is noteworthy nonetheless.

The real issue with these results lies in the fact that the data collected shows that [Critical Focus] does not affect the damage of Charged Shots in any manner. In the upper table, it can be seen that, while aiming, with Critical Focus equipped the damage of a Critical Hit increases from 400 to 641. This is in line with the Mod's description of +60% damage, as 400 x 1.6 = 640. The problem is that when it comes to Charged Shots, there is no difference in the damage output, regardless of aiming down sights. TL DR; Equipping Critical Focus has no effect on the damage of Charged Velocitus shots.

The long and short of all this is that when it comes to the Velocitus (at the very least!) [Critical Focus] Is not working as described for Charged shots. I would test this with other weapons, but the restrictions of Gravimag acquisitions is preventing me from doing so. If there are others with the mod who could run similar tests to determine if any other guns are adversely affected. My guess is that it has something to do with the way Charged shots are handled. Namely, I'd be interested in the results from a Corvas' Charged shots.

Every Archwing Gun, with the exception of the Velocitus and the Cyngas, received a base damage increase from their Archwing to Atmosphere damage (as listed on the wikia). The fact that [Critical Focus] fails to work on the Velocitus' dominant fire mode (given the flavor and design of the weapon) is a let down.

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On 2018-12-22 at 2:13 AM, FreezingPharaoh said:

I've noticed I'm not critting 100% of the time too (Critical Focus + Parallax Scope) . I fire almost exclusively charged shots, so I don't know if this is just a charged shot thing like this post says. Either way, it definitely isn't functioning as it should be.

Can confirm it's a charged shot issue. I used Crtiical Focus + Parallax Scope on my Imperator Vandal, when damaging the limbs on the orb with a Rhino Roar, I get around 2.2 - 2.3k without aiming, 2.9k while aiming.

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