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Cant Find My Main...



I am close to mastery 13 and still have not found my mainframe yet. I play a brand new frame from the foundry and get bored of them in a day. Then come back to them in like a year and mod them the best I can wand watch build vids and then get bored of them in a day again. I cannot find an actual frame i ACTUALLY like with good abilities. My preference is very fast action paced frames where you constantly need to use your abilities and kill lots of people at once. (love crowd control). I know what your thinking " I need to try more frames cause I'm a noob" I'm not really a noob first of all and have almost all the frames and just missing atlas, ivara, Loki, titania, Garuda, baruuk, and a few other frames. It would mean a lot to me if one or multiple of you kind and generous people from the warframe community could help me finally find my main... thank you!

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Loki is a pretty fantastic frame IMO. 
Definitely fast pace game play during high level missions, as your survivability depends on your mobility and not being on the visible spectrum - or walking in between allies and the enemy. Nothing like a surprise bombard rocket. 

In missions or bounties with targets you need to defend you will use your one quite a bit in conjunction with your 4 for some minor CC. 

Your 3 is fantastic mobility, but really situational.

Depending on your load out, he can kill just about anything really well. Stealth gameplay + daggers, or just going in guns blazing and keeping on the move. 

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The thing with Warframe is that you're really not supposed to have a main. Yeah sure you can, but the whole point of having multiple frames in your arsenal is that you can choose which playstyle works best with the mission you're entering.

Got a spy? Well hey, Ivara and [Infiltrate] works great.

Exterminate? Look at all these DPS frames I can choose from...

I've been playing for over two years and the most play-time I have on one frame is my Ember Prime at 9% (which was sadly before her epic nerf, after which she hasn't seen much use sadly even though she's such a beautiful frame). It's more fun to play multiple frames and forma builds for each as you get to know them. I barely used Inaros at all despite having him, and when I finally starting putting some forma into him to see what he could do it's amazing what the difference is. Don't get preoccupied worrying about having a "main", just have fun instead and see where you can go from there. Pro-tip: following the 'meta' is a quick way to lose all interest in the game. Find what frames and weapons you like and go to town. Some are naturally going to be better than others, but don't let that divide your interest!

Hope you keep lifting, fellow Tenno!

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4 hours ago, JayKBeCringe said:

yes i have volt, i sort of enjoy him but have troubles actually dealing damage with discharge

Then it seems your modding prowess is the problem here, not the selection of Frames available 😛

FWIW, my mass pwnage Volt:

Corrosive Projection, Vigilante Pursuit
Umbral Intensify, Augur Secrets
Stretch, Overextended
Streamline, Primed Continuity
Umbral Vitality, Capacitance

High Range makes Discharge stupid good whenever there is a "target-rich environment" so to speak,
positive Duration affects the post-4-seconds individual DOT / stun and helps his 2 and 3 as well,
not-super-high Strength is still plenty for damage and makes it less likely for Speed'd allies to run into walls lol.

Using a similar build (maybe going for more Efficiency in some cases) will work for many Frames, e.g.
Oberon / Frost / Mag / Ember / Equinox / Saryn / Larva Burst Nidus are all quite fun (IMO) and effective with high Range.

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I think for the most part it sounds like modding is the issue...of course there will always be frames you enjoy less than others, but if you don't enjoy any, then something is wrong when modding them. Multiple frames can be used in multiple ways. When you're looking up builds, you tend to find the "meta" build(s), but there's alternatives. Some things in your post stand out...

8 hours ago, JayKBeCringe said:

and mod them the best I can

So you're missing mods, endo, or both. Or forma perhaps. Otherwise you could just copy a build. Are you in a clan? Are they helpful when it comes to farming etc? If yes, ask them to help farm what you're missing. If no, consider joining a different clan.

8 hours ago, JayKBeCringe said:

have almost all the frames and just missing atlas, ivara, Loki, titania, Garuda, baruuk, and a few other frames.

So...let's be honest, you don't have almost all frames. That's ok though. Not trying to insult you, just trying to make something clear. You might be missing ones you would thoroughly enjoy.

So...let's see what you like...

8 hours ago, JayKBeCringe said:

My preference is very fast action paced frames where you constantly need to use your abilities and kill lots of people at once. (love crowd control).

Alright, I get that. I enjoy doing that as well every now and then. The fast paced is mostly you though, any frame can put you in that scenario. So let's look at crowd control and/or mass murder.

Ash: Though no longer "meta", can still take out fairly big groups of enemies. The downside being they have to be in view since you have to manually select them (by hovering over them), but I guess you could file that under "fast paced" lol.
Ember: Can light enemies in a large area on fire and has an augment to knock them down as well, increasing crowd control potential.
Equinox: Though generally one of the more difficult frames to master, can do amazing damage to large groups of enemies and/or put group of enemies to sleep.
Limbo: Can combine his abilities to put a massive area of enemies to a standstill.
Mesa: Can almost take out whatever she sees with her gun-fueled ultimate.
Nova: Can either speed up or slow down a massive area of enemies and can even be built to be fairly tanky.
Nyx: Can make large groups of enemies attack eachother (though might still attack you).
Saryn: The current "meta". An absolutely insane damage dealer with amazing range.
Titania: Can do amazing damage with her ultimate, though if you hate Archwing (a lot of people do), you likely won't enjoy using her ult.
Volt: His ult is a combination of damage and crowd control, whatever doesn't die will still be stuck spazzing from electricity for a while for a relatively easy kill.

Of course all of the above depends on the build(s) you're using and your method(s) of regaining energy. Also, no doubt I've forgotten some frames/abilities, but these were the ones that came to mind the fastest.

Good luck out there, Tenno.

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After picking equinox up from the thousand-year-old basement and built a focus farm and mend and maim build i actually really enjoy equinox! Volt is ok, I really like mesa but only the 2nd ability and 4th i enjoy. My saryn doesnt kill anyone but thats because i dont have enough forma or orokin cat on her. Thank you everyone for your replys!


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