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Titania's Lantern Doesn't Attract Enemies


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It feels like the viewing angle at which enemies will be entranced has been reduced, to account for being able to deploy more of them, which breaks the usefulness of the ability - I have to drop one directly between the enemies and myself, and if it moves up even a few meters they break out of it. Also, lanterns are not tethered in any noticeable way, they still float all over. ALSO, the full stun/stop on initial cast on an enemy is either very buggy, or no longer there turning them into glowing ballistics retaining their last vector, instead of gently floating come hithers. Also, the damage threshold for disenchanting seems much lower - previously one could get a pulse or two of AOE off before alerting enchanted enemies, but now any damage OR other CC effect wakes them up and immunizes them against further lantern affect.

I did manage to CC a 40m wide path that was about 200m long using all 4 lanterns which bespeaks that more is not better here as it will make her CC OP, but currently that's counteracted by bugs so is not showing full aspect yet.

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