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Falcor frequently bounces off first target with no damage (video)


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The Falcor often bounces off the first target it hits without doing any damage to it. This only seems to happen with the first target, I have never seen it happen with any additional targets it hits after. In fact, quite often it can hit the initial target on its return path and still kill it on the second hit. I have tried with a variety of mod combinations but it seems to happen regardless of damage types or punch through. Here is a video of it happening twice in a row, after which the mob is finally cut in half on the 3rd throw. I have extensive experience with the Glaive and have never seen it happen on that weapon while using the same stance, so the stance doesn't seem to be the issue. I can't discern a pattern, I've seen it happen on multiple types of enemies, standing close to objects or out in the open, in groups or a sole enemy, none of that seems to affect it. The only pattern seems to be that it only happens on the first enemy the throw hits. I would estimate it happens around 1 in 3 or 4 times you throw the weapon but appears totally random and unpredictable to me.



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