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(Dojo) personalized parkour room change


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Note: i will now refer theĀ  Personal Parkour Room as : PPR because its simplerĀ šŸ˜

As i was re-designing the PPR i realized that none of the decorations where avilable (walls, windows ,beams,Ā etc) and wondered why it was so ,and if would be possible to do so . Because the regular dojo rooms are now "re-designable"we can give them a whole new story. However it lacks immersionĀ ,everything is still and devoid of life . Which is not the case in the PPR because we can spawn enemies and much like the simulacrum they can attack us . But the PPR is very empty ,part of the fact the there is the word ''parkour'' so thatĀ we have to jumpĀ in it.However i do believe that being able to decorate the room as we please would give a it new aspect. Here is my reasoning : Being able to design the entire room and fight enemies inside would give a whole new range of potentialĀ to the designed rooms ,we could create a story, or have ourĀ very own " Tile " as if we where in a mission . Fun projects could be done such as but not limited to : arenas , spy parkour, extermination , "defense ". And maybe even being able to place friendly NPC's to give more immersion such as people from Fortuna,Cetus,syndicates etc. so that the enemy factions can targetĀ something else than usĀ  .I guess that from this point the possibilities are endlessĀ 

Thank youĀ 

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