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Conservation - Impossible to get "Perfect?"


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I've noticed it is impossible to get a Perfect capture.

At first, I chalked it up to DE catching onto the fact I was Sleepquinox cheesing my way through grinding tags (in my defense, Subterranean Pobbers are obnoxiously rare - I got dozens of other Floofs before 5x SubP tags for my first SubP Floof. Yes, I even got a Kubrodon Incarnadine Floof before one SubP). But after a full day of Conservation Hunting yesterday, and part of today, I've come to the conclusion it is just outright broken.

After I found putting creatures to sleep to capture wasn't giving me anything better than "Good" capture rating, I decided to do it legit. But I have crept up on all manner of creatures, performing what I am dead certain is a flawless hunt, but I cannot seem to get anything better than "Good."

  • Downwind.
  • Not getting spotted.
  • Creature not alerted.
  • Tranq'd - no Sleepquinox cheese.
  • Get the "Stealth Scan" popup from Helios Prime, so I know for a fact the buggers didn't see me.

Every time, rewarded with a "Good" rating.

So it's either broken and impossible to get a "Perfect" rated hunt now, or I am missing something.

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With no cheese frames you usually have to dart an animal before they get to the spot you called from.

I am nowhere as prolific as you sound ( i have 3 whole floofs) but I use valkyr and just crouch about 70 meters out from the call spot and have gotten lots of perfects on virmires....pobbers I never see until its to late.  Rola's i've only just stated hunting...(and will probably wait for them to stand so I can shoot them in the belly which would only get me goods).  


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