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Spawn locations and other recomended tweaks


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The spawn locations of Corpus enemies in the Orb Vallis map should remain localized to strongholds and established repeating travel routes along roads and other paths. The beauty of Cetus was that all the key points and collectables were scattered across it's wide expanse, emphasizing largely on exploration and making the environment feel lifelike. Enemies remained for the most part in areas where they could be encountered if sought out, or avoided if the player chooses to disengage.

While I greatly admire the layout and map itself for the Corpus, it is important to realize players don't want to always shoot and be shot at. With the strongholds so near to eachother, and the world utilized so fully it creates a system where players can not enjoy features like the hunting mining and collecting as they are meant to be.

Enemies will appear out of nowhere rather then wandering along roads and in base camps and no place on the map feels safe.

In no way is my complaint the difficulty of the enemies, nor am I trying to say that having large hordes of enemies to fight is a bad thing, but when there is nowhere to escape from them it makes the large map feel pointless to an extent.

-personal thoughts on misc-

Fish should use a quality scale rather then size, as machines some will be more beat up then others, but with the absence of a growth cycle it makes no sense for them to be different sizes (other then perhaps the Orokin one)

K-drive races using hoops limit the players in finding the quickest path to an end point, and the difficulty in maneuverability make them near impossible and more frustrating then enjoyable

animal tracks should spawn in clumps of 3-5 rather then one at a time. allowing for players to spend a minute doing what they want rather then pointlessly making them traverse the map to the next spot

shock prod should stun nearby fish for longer

Corpus vehicles should be possible to hijack similar to how Cetus Dargyns were

perhaps display some of the captured animals in Biz's shop

perhaps allow kubrow to help you catch or track animals, much like how kavats were valuable in fighting Eidilon on the plains the kubrow could be good at something in vallis.

lessen drop ships to being reinforcements when fighting instead of being periodically placed near the player


These are not demands, and I do not expect developers to feel obligated to make these changes. I am only so critical of these aspects because I love the game so much, and I see so much unbridled potential in the new world. I adore so much about it. I want to help to make the game as enjoyable for everyone as possible. To many who may say "if you don't like it don't play it" the reason I have a problem is because I enjoy playing it. I have heard similar complaints by many, and it is more important to me that the community get the most out of the game then it is for me to simply avoid.

I love the game, and I would love everyone to love it more, these are just some changes I think could bring it there.

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  • with the arival of fortuna i think there should be some snow and ice implementations and new materials and resources themed there after blueprints, new enemies, and other npc for cetus, or shops that give away free mods, tutorials, and new exciting music and weapons for players to unlock, or purchase right from the game or temporarily they can find some laying in the fields dropped from the enemies that could be dismantled or made into parts for kits or crafting cosmetics, or magic, temporary items; the make over would be good for CETUS & EARTH and have some revisions done to the story and gameplay cinematics, effects, for the entry level players and guardians that come from other games, i dont think there is enough alternative weapons or A,I. inside the ship things get really personal, maybe you should allocate some other entrace for a few new NPC riders, and attendants to help out stationed players without requiring a relay or bazaar, this person would come with a quest/equipment/mod/email/and personal appearance per planet(s) but for the reason on earth you can send some small group to visit the players ships and offer guidance and quests, maybe a little extra incentive or faction system involvement so players catch up, the arsenal is UGGLY and Modding can be confusing for the record, the navigator and weather improvements would and should also help the enemies, terrains, and traps appear long lasting and unrepetitive, to a returning player the ante is raised, some new ideas for fefatures are that pick ps come up enfeebled, and things such as ammo come in different elemental affinities, so the player can pickl  up 10 bullets that have icecores, or a whole flamemag to shoot for their riffle, the effects being momentary could eventually be managed and accounted for without using any mods the player would be able to decide what ammo they want to pucker, instead of just collecting all of the field items, the same goes for resources, eventually the neurodes and ayatan stars could enhance temporarily warframes and weapons/armor/enemies if nearby, or attached momentarily, ---things like reviving and sprinting/crouching would have alternative uses, non-combat powerups, and resources investigating how to make tools better or at least combat worthy rightnow, the only thing i thought of was equiping some battery/capacitors and generators so that they can at least provide some additional shields or have some passive featuer or mods to handle, FORTUNA for me so far was good, but i got stuck and confused over the elevators, and resources/treasures to find without deploying tools/bou8nties/pve isnt that rewarding, but its always fun, traveling was painful, i think the mechanics for the snow and areas, could become a bit more realistic, maybe if you increased the gravity or added some formulaes to compensate so that Venus- Fortuna doesnt feel the same as any other planet/mode, since there are so many contraptions, and that too could play into the players energy reserves/abilities/melee for some new ways to enhance combat with temporary detriments and a enhancement. temporary weapons, temporary ammo, etc.
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  1. Enemies should have helicopters / alarms / bigger robots / k-drives & other vehicles to keep up with warframes /operators
  2. Enemies have useless shields, that arent realistic enough / players can walk right through and melee / cheap quality.
  3. Weather is too calm and provides no cover or realism, traction resistance, combat adjustments, or detriments/benefits.
  4. Ammo found should have useful benefits,  elemental bullets for example: You picke up:fist: 12 Pistol Bullets >YOU FIIND 2 Flaming6 MAGS[4 BURST],explosive bullets, mod preview and fun or themed ammunitions pertaining to the theme of the enemies found in fortuna and any other discrepancies, to add some fun logic to items found in the game, trading, and modding, bounty farming  The new bullet type is found by defeating MOA, often rare psionic, and electic common mags, NO MOD REQUIREMENTS.
  • Ammo & resource / Credit: changes to items/credits, ammo to react, piles in proximity, color changes, temporary effects, stacks,
  • Elemental bullets, Abbreviations, temporary effects for warframes & game areas / enemies /weather & traction mobility & k-drive realism / difficulty/realism.. <its a trap>
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