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CC Tank Zephyr Build



Greetings Tenno, I'm fairly new here and after looking through various posts for awhile I've decided it was time to speak up with my own question.

I'm looking for advice on a good/decent CC tank zephyr build as I am only master rank 9 I still consider myself new and fairly inexperienced with the proper modding of warframes.  I've looked up multiple builds for Zephyr and pretty much everything I've found is either not recent or not what I'm looking for (however I may have missed a post idk).  From what I've seen people like to max range or power in order to focus on a specific skill of hers but I don't really love a playstyle that focuses on one particular skill.  In most games I like to be more of a tank where survivability is better than damage (not a huge fan of glass cannons) and from what I've seen playing as Zephyr is that she can fit this role nicely with her turbulance as her main form of survivability and the rest of her skills function as CC in the form of knockdowns as well as status and picking up enemies with her tornadoes.  However as I've said before I'm fairly inexperienced and don't know the best way to build her as such.

My ultimate goal as of right now is to make a build that is endgame worthy (my definition of endgame right now is soloing sorties) so that when I main her I can better determine what I'm doing wrong and what I need to improve because I'll know that the problem won't lie in my build for the most part.  Now before people start ranting about why you shouldn't main one specific warframe, hear me out.  I'm a firm believer that being stubborn and only using one frame for literally everything is a bad idea and not how this game is meant to be played, but I also strongly believe that each frame has a specific playstyle and for someone new like me it's going to be much harder to learn game mechanics and how you should be handling a mission (like sorties) when you have not 100% mastered a frame and its playstyle because you're constantly switching frames for different purposes.  That's just my opinion but I think it's easier to figure out the game if you're not still trying to figure out the frame as well.

Hopefully by making a good build I'll be able to eliminate the build as the source of my problems when running sorties.  Here is my current build (regular zephyr as I'm still trying to get her main prime blueprint):

Rejuvenation, Cunning Drift

Vitality, Continuity, Redirection, Narrow Minded, Augur Message, Fleeting Expertise, Flow, Overextended

This leaves me with 1110 health and shields, 139% power range, 193% power duration, 160% power efficiency, 40% power strength.

The power strength is pretty low but I'm not using my abilities for damage so it shouldn't matter too much.  My current playstyle with this build for the most part is to have turbulance and tornado on all the time with my other abilities being additional forms of knockdown when needed.  With zenurik I've never had energy problems.

Let me know if there's anything I can do to make this better besides upgraded mods such as primed continuity or constitution (in place of augur message) as the primed continuity is on my list of things to get and the constitution I just need more forma.  Any help is much appreciated.

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I could see getting rid of redirection for that reason but wouldn't health still be necessary for things like a Nox and the infected Osprey?  I haven't tested it but I assumed that turbulence wouldn't protect me from a Nox or an infected Osprey's toxin cloud since both seemed to be aoe and wiki made it sound like turbulence doesn't protect from aoe damage so the toxin would eat my health pretty quick.

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