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Bug? Pathing Errors On Xini


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If this is the same map layout as Veneral, the Corpus on Venera hop down off the elevated platform in front of the pod, opposite to the stairs leading to the pod and sink waist deep into the leftmost container (looking from the direction of the pod) and sometimes walk inside the taller container next to it.

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I have noticed that the AI goes weird alot more on a full team. Maybe because they interfere with each other at the spawn points?

Normally they stuck on the upper floor, and opposite from the pod on the mid-floor - the two doors you can reach by stairs.


I have also made this observation, we usually stick close to the pod on the platform. I'll make a screenshot if it happens again.




I have played on Pluto/Narcissus which uses the same map as Xini, doesn't seem to change with enemy type.


I have made a couple of screenshots, they always stay up in this area until a player moves close:






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