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I can't name my Moa because the game thinks the name is profanity


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I'm not sure if I should post this on PC bugs or here but eitherway....

I am trying to rename my guilded Moa to "_Traqped.exe" I first thought of "_Trap.exe" but when I tried that it said that it was profanity and I do not get how I get how some might take it the wrong way if they don't get what the moa does but why cant I use a misspelled version of Trapped? that has a bit of a more personal meaning to the name after I stared at it for 5 minutes trying to see if I liked how it represented itself I saw how the q and p were like a mirrored thing of like... like I said its personal you don't have to get it and I don't need to explain that much. The Moa I'm trying to name is a Para Moa the one with the trap based abilities like that anti gravity grenade and whiplash mine that pulls a bunch of them in like a trap mine vortex type of thing except with whips. I've spent the past hour trying to figure out how to get past it while still having it have meaning and and a self-descriptive readability and "_Traqped.exe" is the best there is for what kind of a name I'm going for. 


So I gotta ask... why you messing up DE? why can't ya boy name him robit a personal .exe program?

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Well thats abit idiotic but typical of the children of the internet.... but now I'm really confused becaus eI tried to name my other one that I just guilded today "_Technologic.exe" and it is still saying that is considered profanity.

Is .exe seriously considered offensive?

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I can't name my MOA "LMAO" due to profanity issue, the profanity filter is going well too far.

I had the same problem for most of my Zaw.

For my Zaw i wanted to use the first 3 letters of any parts, like for example CYATH + SHTUNG + VARGETIIJAY > CYASHTVARIIJ 

SHT in the full name was considered a profanity, i know that because i used the Sthung part on most of my zaw.

They should really make something about this, i can't even see what SHT could mean. If it's about "S#&$" (sh1t), well, this is just crazy.

Can we have access to their profanity filter somewhere ?


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