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Another problem with the Heavy Weapons mechanic


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They have no practical use outside of the Orb Mother fight.

While you can use them for your standard open-world games, these "Heavy Weapons" which are the only way to damage a giant robot with "Corpus (space)ship armour" they have lower DPS than standard weapons, whether used against an Orb Mother or regular enemies, making them absolutely uninteresting.

A very simple thing to add, that I take from Star Wars TRPG, is a multiplier when used against human-scaled targets. You could have weaponry being separated by size tiers : human scale (classic stuff) vehicle scale (archwing weapons) spaceship scale (Railjack weapons, for example).

Another use of this would be for the enemy that could have this mechanic implemented as well : the Fluctus used by some could have a damage multiplier against us, which would be negated when using archwing, that could have vehicle-scale protections. The Orb Mother could have some attacks that are obviously vehicle-scaled as well, like the big lasers

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