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Syndicate Rankup Soft-lock


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If the player ranks up a Syndicate after an update has been deployed, but before restarting to apply the update, their client is stuck in the free reward screen indefinitely until they forcefully close the game, as players are not allowed to buy items if there is an update pending.


Steps to reproduce:

1: Get full Syndicate standing + all items required for rank up.

2: Wait for update/hotfix.

3: After update/hotfix release, rank up the syndicate.


Congratulations! You're stuck. ALT+F4 or use task manager/taskkill to close the game, apply update, and go back to the Syndicate to actually claim your reward.

A decent solution to this would be to prevent Syndicate rankups for clients not on the latest revision, in the same way that purchasing items is.

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