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A request for rebalanced drop rates: Samples Trio


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            My question is simple:

            Is it fair to request a re-balance to the drop rates & locations of mutagen samples to bring them up to par with fieldron & detonite samples?

            If this is an intentional dichotomy that I've been unaware of, very well. I will continue to farm.

            But if this is even *somewhat* unintentional, I as well as many other players, I'm sure, would appreciate a prospective update to their drop rate/locale.

 *Edit*: Now that Fortuna has introduced the bounty that swaps between the 3 finished products (Mutagen, Fieldron, Detonite),

            It is so much easier to obtain the completed forms than it is to get their construction materials... but mostly mutagen samples.

            This question was brought about because of this:


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