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Operator Accent Color


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This has bothered me for a while and I was hoping since we got multiple layers to hair that the makeup might be addressed soon as well. Accent color controls not only the eye-shadow but the blush as well. Also the base hair controls the eyelashes. Id like to see these separated, even have the eyebrows on another layer for people who want to dye their hair but not their eyebrows and lashes as well. 

So here in the first image in the creator it looks fine more or less(still would prefer if the eyelashes were black), however in the second image when leaving and turning to some light you can see the problem as the cheeks become highly noticeable. Obviously I could fix the color on the cheeks but then I would loose the color on the eyes. If nothing else can be separated alright, but these two sections ought to be. 






(Edit: Was looking at general and general feedback, I intended to put this in feedback )

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