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Breaking the Mould (PS4)


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Ok, so I've been thinking a lot about this. And before anyone kicks off, I've played for three months, I am fully aware I am a noob by a large factor, am fairly ok in information but still lots to learn of course. 

But the thing is, I love the game, but I can kinda see where veterans and I mean like real veterans here are coming from. 

We need real sustainable content outside of "build new weapons and max" sure we get new frames, new weapons, updates, mods etc but what do you do when you complete it all? 

Fortuna is literally, to me at least, in my opinion (guns out here comes an opinion shoot the guy), just PoE 2.0. I liked the plains, but playing Fortuna to me is jist a bigger PoE, I want something different for the bounty system, Garuda is pretty but is Fortunas' Gara, like just farm this, get good standing GG Garuda, take me home. 

I see fashion framers and it's awesome because I'm learning about how they design, like I don't think I have seen a SINGLE lookalike frame in the entire community it is gorgeous! (Outside of newer players but this is expected) the accessibility opened by the alerts for helmets, mods and everything makes for super diverse game design aspects of different playstyles and what do we get for all of this? Same day to day grinds and exactly the same gameplay. (Just for the record I LOVE grindy games like Diablo and Warframe but I want something more sustainable)

After reading up the history of the game I noticed a few things and want to open this up for discussion of re-introducing or at least modifying some older aspects: 

Void Keys- don't bring these back, but the concept is amazing, allows and almost forces players to get good at longer mission types by limiting resources (heres looking at derelict keys of a similar style but NOT as limited as void keys) because of the relic system, I see people dipping out at 5 minutes of survival like yo, I'm in this for the long haul get back in here now. 

Solar rails- when seeing this being read up I agree that ending a Tenno Civil War was probably for the best on paper, however when you look at the current PVP structure I see nobody in there at all, can we make more accessible variations where we can use older structures for teamwork too? What will Railjack bring as well? Is it enough to keep both new and older players interested? 

Archwing- so much wasted potential, not many players, almost exclusively better played solo, broken AI in laned missions (sit behind them, shoot, GG), limited weapons and Archwings.... like dude Archwing is amazing, can we expand on this please? I want to play with my friends more and feel like I'm accomplishing something, maybe better map designs, fixed AI, new mission types, insert new cooler weapons and Archwings?

Fortuna- this is the newest thing by far, but on the PS4 we got the watered down version because new players kicked off. Listen to the Vets DE. New players, get good, because you are on a later planet and you expect it to be easier why? Just get with the learning curve, it does it really well and actually don't jump in level 60+ missions and moan, why are you there to begin with? Its like me jumping into a 5 hour survival, I love longer matches but heck no im not ready for that yet, I can admit that! (Im not a 20 minute guy either, more like 1hr+) 

Edit: pointed out regarding this being a common thing, I stated later but I should also state here that this survival bit was also done via recruitment, sorry for not specifying otherwise, my intent is also not to crap on newer players given I've only played for a couple months myself, but my attitude is meant to be more relating to the open world experience of scaling levels, it is a learning curve. It will get difficult, but that is also where you need to improve, I'm still improving myself, but I don't join higher levels that I can not handle then complain so please stop doing this.

Umbral mods and design-.everyone is saying how they should get this and that for blah blah... No. Just No. It is story, get over it, it is the story of what happened and where and no I'm not going to spoil anything intentionally either. Just. Stop. Asking. 

So guys please, tell me what you think, how can we as a community help create more sustainable content, make it so we actually have something to grind for, play this game and develop together. 

I have so much to unlock so I know it will take a long time but please, help breathe life into the older players too, help them to save the game, to keep it alive, we all have a love for different reasons so let's build on this! 

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1 hour ago, (PS4)isperia1991 said:

, I see people dipping out at 5 minutes of survival like yo, I'm in this for the long haul get back in here now. 

i'll say to you the same thing I say to everyone else: don't public survival if you want an endurance run. use recruit chat for a pre-made group or brave it solo. don't expect random people you've never met to suddenly conform to your playstyle. SO many people do this, and it's gone beyond the point of being funny, now it's just sad. you could even just ask people in squad chat how long they want to stay for, that helps a lot too.

1 hour ago, (PS4)isperia1991 said:

Solar rails

PvP is highly negelected and is probably gonna stay that way, for several reasons:

- firstly, the majority of Warframe's community don't care about it. there's a vocal minority you see from time to time, but they're just that; a minority. a droplet in the vast ocean of players.

- second, PvP has to be balanced seperately from PvE, which is done with the Conclave Rating System and is also why new weapons aren't always available for PvP straight away: DE has to tweak them for PvP. and you can't balance a PvE game around PvP because you just get a disaster. 

- thirdly and finally, PvP doesn't bring in plat. nobody buys cosmetics to look good in PvP, since you're constantly moving and people are too busy caring about winning the game. people fashionframe to show off in Relays and hub towns, places where people are more likely to see them and admire their fashionframe. PvP was only ever tacked on as a token mode to give the PvP crowd a reason to play warframe, but the game has long evolved in PvE whilst PvP has remained stagnant, and revitalizing it would take a lot of work for a tiny portion of the community to benefit, hence why DE won't go through with it.

1 hour ago, (PS4)isperia1991 said:

like dude Archwing is amazing, can we expand on this please?

DE expanded Archwings several times in the past, but the problem has always been the controls and Camera; it's just too finnicky, even after several reworks. once again, those liking archwing are a small minority; there's plenty of us that tolerate Archwing, but we won't jump headfirst into the mode unless we're after something. since Plains of Eidolon, Archwing has been relegated to just being a means of travel in open maps, and whilst K-Drives aren't as fast or as capable in combat, they have more customization and more appeal. Railjack is Archwing's chance to be FULLY reworked into a system that everyone can like, let's just hope that's the case.

1 hour ago, (PS4)isperia1991 said:

New players, get good, because you are on a later planet and you expect it to be easier why?

not really a healthy attitude, even if there is an ounce of truth in some cases. Venus isn't a later planet, it's like the second in the game. 

1 hour ago, (PS4)isperia1991 said:

Umbral mods and design

I might seem like a buzzkill here, but Umbral mods aren't really that necessary outside of Umbra himself, and the only way they'd be warranted on other frames is if The new War forces us into battle against some VERY heavy Sentients, where the Tau Resist and extra damage vs. Sentients would actually come in handy, but considering that DE will design it to be relatively accessible (for those who've done the quests anyway), I'm fairly sure we'll be able to rinse whatever they throw at us without needing full Umbral builds, or even Meta weapons. my closest fellow tenno has spent countless Forma trying to get Umbral Mods on many of his frames, and each to their own, but I just think "why?". unless level 100+ Sentients becomes the norm (highly unlikely), you're not really gonna get any benefit from those mods for the cost of stuffing them into the build, compared to builds without Umbral mods which can still wreck Sentients.

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I see regarding Umbra builds, you seem along a similar mindset to what im saying, just far more precise, I was trying to say a point without spoilers and I didnt do a good job, but thank you none the less

For the Venus quote, written form isn't exactly my strong suit but I see your point clearly, not the attitude I was meaning to portray but I can see why it is received that way, fair comment

But even by being second planet, its more meant to state that in open world scenarios with scaling levels based on area mechanics, people complain, its "higher level content" for lack of a better phrase, it isnt meant to be easy, farming Garuda isnt meant to be a walk in the park much like farming Gara in the exact same sense, why do newer players join higher level bounties then moan because its too hard? O.o hence the initial comment 

Comparing K drives and Archwings for a moment, maybe its possible to sort of balance the two a little closer by comparison, so like for instance - k drives could specialise a bit more in combat orientation whereas Archwing is clearly (in opinion again) the better option for straight up mobility, maybe the expansion could be there? And heres hoping Railjack could potentially be the centre Archwing needs (did more research for Railjack thank you for pointing that out) 

For PVP, I have a relatively simple solution, cut out bullet jumping, I remember seeing videos of old mechanics where running up walls was the norm, there are still markings on the tile sets of where the mechanic was applied, why not put that in the PVP area instead and that could honestly fix a huge portion of problems alone, its small, but might be enough 

I probably should have stated that the survival bit was done after recruitment chat, its still thoroughly annoying though given the time and effort to put a group together just to drop after five minutes, my mistake there 

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