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Bang, The Warframe Titan


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"No warframe can match bang's pure strength and speed, He is a titan among warframes."

(I don't have any concept art for him but i definitely imagine him being the tallest warframe considering that he is a titain among warframes).

This warframe draws inspiration from dragon ball z (or any anime character with intense speed and strength).







HEALTH: 150 (450 at rank 30)

SHIELDS: 50 (150 at rank 30)

ARMOR: 150

ENERGY: 100 (150 at rank 30)

SPRINT: 1.30

POLARITIES: Madurai PolNaramon Pol



NOTE: None of bang's abilities are silent and will alert enemies and each one will stun enemies hit like atlas's landslide except his forth ability.


PASSIVE: Last Stand

If you die without no squad mates or a squad mate dies while you're bleeding out you'll slowing get back up for 2 seconds then following that you let out a ear-piercing roar that knocks enemies away from you and you instantly turn into your third power stage and gain invincibility for both 10 seconds. While in this invincibility state you cannot use your weapons but have full energy and be able use your abilities. Once the 10 second buff is over you'll die. If bang is below rank 10 then he'll only go into his first power stage. Casting a ability while bang's health is below 20%, each ability per cast will heal +20% health until your health is full. This passive isn't effected by mods


1|ELBOW RUSH|25 Energy|

If you press the ability while targeting a enemy you'll dash towards the enemy and elbow the enemy in the gut knocking it back at high speed. The impact of the elbow deals 500 impact and puncture damage and if the enemy hits a object or a wall then it'll take 250 impact damage. If you hold the ability you'll follow up with multiple punches as fast as your current melee attack speed, dealing 50 impact and puncture damage per strike. You can hold the ability for as long as you but it takes up 10 energy per second. While executing the ability you'll be immune to all damage but can be brought out of the ability by staggers and knock downs. You can activate the ability whether or not you're targeting a enemy and the ability can lock onto enemies.

The elbow attack is effected by melee damage and power strength.The rate of the punches is effected by your melee attack speed and the damage of each punch is effected by power strength. The energy cost is effect by power efficiency and the channeling of the ability is effected by power duration and efficiency. The dash distance is effected power range. If you have no melee equipped then only power strength effects the damage overall and power efficiency effects the punch rate.


2|KNOCK KNOCK|50 Energy|

If you press the ability you'll do a spartan kick that sends out a shock wave that Ragdolls enemies and deals 250 slash damage to any enemy in it's path. A direct hit to a enemy with your foot will deal 500 slash, puncture, and impact damage, knocking the enemy back at high speed. If the enemy hits a wall or object it will receive 500 impact damage. A direct hit to a locked door will send the door flying and any enemy hit by it will receive 1000 impact and slash damage.

Damage of the direct hit is effected by power strength and melee damage.The damage of the shock wave and the flying door is effected by power strength. The energy cost is effected by power efficiency. The distance and spread of the shock wave if effected by power range.


3|SEISMIC SMASH|75 Energy|

If you press the ability you'll smash the ground with your fist creating wind pressure around you shredding nearby enemies and lasting for 2 seconds. The impact of the fist hitting ground deals 500 impact damage to nearby enemies knocking them up and the wind pressure deals 500 slash and puncture damage every second (The ability last for 2 seconds and can stack dealing a maximum of 1000 slash and puncture damage). You can cast the ability in mid-air increasing the damage of the ability based off how high you're from the ground.The maximum damage from height is 1000 impact and slash damage and 500 puncture damage.

The ability damage overall if effected by power strength. The range of the ability if effected by power range. The duration of the wind pressure is effected by power duration. The energy cost of the ability is effected by power efficiency.


4|POWER STAGE|50-100 Energy|

If you hold the ability Bang stands in place and charges up and developing a aura around himself. While you're charging you're vulnerable to attacks and absorb 10 energy per second. While charging you also gain 5 health per second charging your ability. If have absorbed enough energy with your 4 you can enter a power stage.

Absorbing 50 energy will enter bang in  his first power stage gaining +200% Health, +200% shields, +100% armor, +10% sprint speed, +20% power strength, +10% power range, +5% power efficiency, +10% power duration, .+20% melee damage, and +10% melee speed.The first power stage last for 15 seconds.

Absorbing 75 energy will enter bang in his second power stage gaining +400% Health, +400% shields, +200% armor, +20% sprint speed, +40% power strength, +20% power range, +10% power efficiency, +20% power duration, .+40% melee damage, and +20% melee speed. The second power stage last for 30 seconds. 

Absorbing 100 energy will enter bang in his Third power stage gaining +600% Health, +600% shields, +300% armor, +30% sprint speed, +60% power strength, +30% power range, +15% power efficiency, +30% power duration, .+60% melee damage, and +30% melee speed. The Third power stage stage last for 45 seconds. Each power stage slightly increases his overall size and aura size.

You can not be brought out of charging unless you stop holding the ability, you bleed out, or die. also If you stop holding your 4 you can continue where you left off. Each stage you pass increases your healing from your charging by +5%. Charging the ability further than your third stage will only heal you and you cannot recast the duration

The energy required to enter each stage is effected by power efficiency. (That's it)

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