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Leaving squad in Profit-Taker Phase-4 after collecting her drops causes her to spawn the drops again, basically granting double loot.


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Basically, if I want to leave the squad early to repeat the mission without waiting for other players to extract, I may as well grab the loot it spawns again, giving double credits, bonds, and toroids. Though getting double loot, or quadruple the with a booster is nice, it needs be fixed.

Tested it multiple times to confirm, happened on all instances.

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Yeah, I can confirm that this is happening when I do it too.

All the Orb Mother loot drops are duplicated when leaving squad.


I don't know if this says much since I solo'd 95%+ of the Orb Mother's I've kills so far, but finding a public group to test this out in was pretty hard since the hosts kept leaving.  Its possible that a lot of people are doing this now and so no one wants to be host so they can exploit it.  (So would probably be better for Public games if they either get the fix out soon or just disable the drops temporarily, if its that big an issue.)

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