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Mesa Peacekeepers not firing at targets below or near Profit Taker Orb


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I'm actually not sure if this is a bug or there's some invisible shield  on the PT Orb thats preventing me from  clearing out the mobs. But it is really annoying when the PeaceKeepers work fine on all targets before fighting the Orb and then when I try to mob clear while fighting the orb, nothing is being hit. I'm being punished for seemingly no reason. Please correct me on this if I am wrong. Then I will swallow my pride and put aside Mesa for this PTO endeavor.

On a side note, we were promised a somewhat different method of fighting an "End-Game" boss. If anything, this feels exactly the same just more annoying coz the mobs are all over the place and they can crowd control on top of an already punishing boss. Which I don't really mind since I'm supposed to be able to clear em out really quickly as Mesa but then other things happen and I can't shoot, get permanent CC'ed and have to struggle to figure out when my archgun is going to lock me in place for 4 seconds because I landed too hard and need to re-draw the weapon.

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i am gonna blame the wonky hit boxes of the orb , i faced the same issue with Mesa.

Peacemaker works if

you are directly under the orb and so are the enemies

enemies are between you and the orb ,

you are between enemies and orb.

But if enemies are under the orb and you are away they do not get detected. the whole of the orb acts as a barrier.


As for the fight being identical to eidolon i will have to disagree  , i quite enjoy it , not having to check a third party site for time of day on cetus itself is enough of a sell point for me.

The Ragdoll fest is a struggle for sure , the archgun animation pause can kill you , the nullifiers all around can make your life a pain, but thats just the difficulty curve , gets easier with the right strategy and build.

I expect tweaks to make it less buggy.

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Yep, I've noticed this as well - autotargeting skills and some hitscan weapons will not shoot through the invisible hitboxes enveloping the spider,  they are caught by the nothingness and eaten by the invulnerability, or simply cannot find a line of sight through the volumetrically inscrutable non-existence and fail to trigger on occluded enemies.

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